The Note's Must-Reads

Republicans: McCain:

New York Times' Michael Cooper: "McCain Sees King Speech as Chance to Mend Ties" LINK

Washington Post' Michael D. Shear and Christopher Lee: "McCain Holds Off on Secret Service Protection" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Maeve Reston and Robin Abcarian: "Maeve Reston and Robin Abcarian" LINK

Time's Michael Scherer: "McCain: Loving His Misspent Youth" LINK

The Hill's Mike Soraghan: "McCain rejects Secret Service protection" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee: "Obama's Support Softens in Poll, Suggesting a Peak Has Passed" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni and Stephen Dinan: "Obama boasts wealth of 'partners'" LINK

New York Sun's Eli Lake: "Obama Adviser Calls for 60,000-80,000 U.S. Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010" LINK

Boston Herald's Jessica Fargen: "Strategists: Barack's offer to Gore full of hot air" LINK

Associated Press: "Obama's $40 million in March is double Clinton's fund-raising" LINK

New York Times' Paul Vitello: "In Ex-Steel City, Voters Deny Race Plays a Role" LINK

Politico's Jeanne Cummings: "Knockout try could be risky for Obama" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

ABC News Eloise Harper: "Clinton Denies Saying Obama 'Cannot Win'; Aides Dispute Question" LINK

The Hill's Klaus Marre: "Despite $20 million haul, troubling signs for Clinton" LINK

Miami Herald's Kevin G. Hall: "Clinton taps husband's economic advisors for her team" LINK

Associated Press' Beth Fouhy: "Clinton denies Obama electability remark" LINK

Wall Street Journal's Susan Davis: "Clinton Aide Met on Trade Deal" LINK

Washington Post' Matthew Mosk: "Clinton Camp Feels Spent, and Outspent" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas: "Obama cuts into Clinton's superdelegate lead" LINK

Associated Press' Nedra Pickler: "Clinton says she will defend gay rights" LINK

USA Today's Mark Memmott: "Atypical Clinton ad asks voters to write in" LINK

New York Times' John M. Broder: "Clinton Jokes About Her Tuzla Tale" LINK

Bloomberg's Indira Lakshmanan: "Clinton Skims Over Corporate-Law Work in Touting Public Service" LINK


ABC News' Kate Snow and Sunlen Miller: "Clinton Fundraising For March" LINK

New York Times' Leslie Wayne: "For Obama, a 2-to-1 Edge Over Clinton in Donations" LINK

Democrats: Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia Inquirer's John Baer: "Obama could actually win this thing" LINK


ABC News' Raelyn Johnson: "Edwards Would Not Accept Possible VP Nod" LINK