The Note's Must-Reads

Must Read:

ABC News' Julia Hoppock: "Exclusive: Ambassador Crocker Says Ready to Talk to Iran Again" LINK

Republicans: McCain:

New York Times' Kate Philips: "West Virginia Senator Apologizes for Comments on McCain" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

Associated Press: "Michelle Obama Talks Couple's Finances" LINK

Associated Press: "Superdelegates pressured to back Obama" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

ABC News' Teddy Davis: "Clinton Rips Media's 'Double Standard'" LINK

Washington Post's Eli Saslow: "The Gospel, According to Luke" LINK

Bloomberg's Lorraine Woellert: "Clinton Adviser Mark Penn Remains Flash Point as Unions Pounce" LINK

Wall Street Journal's John R. Emshwiller and Bob Davis: "Clintons Disagree Over a Free-Trade Pact With Colombia" LINK


Time's Michael Scherer: "Setting the Terms of the Iraq Debate" LINK

Boston Globe's Susan Milligan: "Candidates push policies at Petraeus hearings" LINK

New York Times' Steven Lee Myers and Thom Shanker: "Petraeus Urges Halt in Weighing New Cut in Force" LINK

Primaries: Pennsylvania:

Patriot News' Brett Lieberman: "Clinton dips in state polls, threatening her viability" LINK

Boston Globe: "Democrats' ads flood Pa.; poll suggests Obama gains" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Christi Parsons: "2 rivals court old money, high society" LINK