'Crazy in a Good Way'


Here's your guide to the next 72 hours:

'Nana Drives Fast'

Meghan McCain, John McCain's 23-year old daughter, will join Roberta McCain, the Arizona senator's 96-year old mother, as star attractions at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

The McCain women, who have raised eyebrows in the past for their provocative comments, plan to arrive on The Straight Talk Express.

In an interview she gave last month to G.Q., Meghan McCain referred to Roberta McCain as "crazy in a good way."

"Nana drives fast," Meghan McCain told G.Q. "She got pulled over for doing 112 in Flagstaff about a year ago."

The McCain women will be attending as guests of People Magazine.

Chris Wallace Gets His Man:

The "Obama Watch" has finally paid dividends.

More than 700 days after Chris Wallace invited him on the show, Barack Obama appears this weekend on "Fox News Sunday."

The interview is slated to take place Saturday in Marion, Ind.

Rev. Wright Speaks Out:

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor, delivers 8:30 am ET remarks on Monday at the National Press Club.

The topic of the address is "The African American Religious Experience"

A Q&A will follow Wright's remarks. As usual, written questions must be submitted prior to the Q&A period begins.

Donna Leinwand, the National Press Club's vice president, will do the question selecting.

On Sunday, Wright will be in Detroit where he is delivering a 5:00 pm ET keynote speech to the NAACP's "Annual Fight for Freedom Fund" dinner.

Earlier in the day, he is delivering a Sunday morning closed press sermon at a Dallas church.

Cheney Goes to North Carolina:

Vice President Cheney heads to Raleigh, N.C., on Monday to raise money for North Carolina Victory 2008.

The vice president appears in the Tar Heel State one day before the North Carolina GOP is set to begin airing a television ad which ties the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the two Democrats vying for their party's gubernatorial nomination.

Both North Carolina Democrats have endorsed Obama for president.

Cheney is raising money for a Republican entity which does voter contact, voter registration, and get-out-the-vote efforts in North Carolina.

The vice president's office is quick to point out that the Victory account is separate from the North Carolina GOP account which is being used to pay for the controversial ad which has been denounced (but not successfully stopped) by John McCain.

'It's The Map, Not the Math':

Howard Dean appears Sunday on "Meet the Press" after giving a provocative interview to the Financial Times.

Dean told FT that he thinks the Democratic race for president will come down to superdelegates' perception of electability in the final contests.

"I think the race is going to come down to the perception in the last six or eight races of who the best opponent for McCain will be. I do not think in the long run it will come down to the popular vote or anything else," said Dean.

Dean added that he thinks it is "very unlikely" that the superdelegates will elevate a candidate who is trailing in pledged delegates and the popular vote before adding that "it is possible" and that superdelegates have "every right to do it."

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