The Note's Must-Reads

Obama & Wright:

The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny and Adam Nagourney: "Obama's Break With Ex-Pastor Sets Sharp Shift in Tone" LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Mike Dorning: "Obama outraged by Wright: Senator says 'great damage' done to their relationship" LINK

Bloomberg's Indira Lakshmanan: "Obama's Record Has Republicans Dusting Off `Liberal' Attacks" LINK

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe: "Obama's Sister Souljah Moment" LINK

Time's KAREN TUMULTY: "Obama Tries to Dig Out" LINK

ABC News' David Wright: "Obama Rejects Wright, Repudiates 'Outrageous' Behavior" LINK

The Politico's Ben Smith: "Obama breaks with former pastor" LINK

The Politico's Roger Simon: "The wrongs inflicted by Wright" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Teresa Watanabe: "The Rev. Wright's comments alarm black ministers in Los Angeles" LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet: "Obama backs away from Wright" LINK

The Indianapolis Star's Robert King: "Obama calls ex-pastor's comments 'outrageous'" LINK

New York Times' MAUREEN DOWD: "Praying and Preying" LINK

Washington Post Editorial: "Parting With the Pastor" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

The New York Post's Charles Hurt: "Rove's 'Winning Tips for Barack'" LINK

The Boston Globe's Foon Rhee: "Obama assails lifting of gas tax as 'gimmick'" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton

The Washington Posts' Howard Kurtz: "Clinton to Appear on 'O'Reilly Factor'" LINK

The Boston Globe's Scott Helman: "Clinton faults Obama for dismissing her plans" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Amy Chozik: "In Evoking Good of '90s, Clinton Risks Memories of the Bad" LINK

The Indianapolis Star's Mary Beth Schneider: "Clinton to Dems: Don't switch sides" LINK

2008: Democrats

The Associated Press' Brendan Farrington: "Top Michigan Democrats suggest splitting delegates" LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Daniel Widome: "Bedside manner: How Clinton and Obama truly differ on health care" LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain

The Wall Street Journal: "McCain's Progress" LINK

Washington Post's Michael D. Shear: "McCain Offers Market-Based Health Plan" LINK

ABC News' Teddy Davis and Talal Al-Khatib: "Edwards Targets 'GAP' in McCain Plan" LINK

The New York Times' Michael Cooper and Kevin Sack: "Federal Money in Health Care Plan From McCain" LINK

The New York Times' Carl Hulse: "McCain Strengthening His Political Marriage" LINK

The Hill's Manu Raju: "McCain eyes voting 'no' on the farm bill" LINK

The Washington Times' Terence P. Jeffrey: "Obstacle course" LINK