There Is Just One Place, That Can Light My Face

INDIANA - Democratic Primary - open
Polls close: 7:00 PM ET
72 delegates at stake, proportional

NORTH CAROLINA - Democratic Primary
Polls close: 7:30 PM ET
115 delegates at stake, proportional
Semi closed – residents registered as Democrats or unaffiliated can vote in the Dem. primary

There has been only one voting contest (Pennsylvania) since the controversial comments of Rev. Jeremiah Wright surfaced on YouTube and were subsequently broadcast everywhere.

There are many question marks on just how the Wright issue has hurt Barack Obama's campaign for the nomination, if it has at all. Obama continues to outpace Hillary Clinton in superdelegate endorsements and most uncommitted superdelegates surveyed by ABC News said that while the Wright issue was a distraction in the race, it was not affecting their decision.

Tonight's results in Indiana and North Carolina could shed light on that key unknown – the Wright factor.

Per ABC News' Polling Director Gary Langer, preliminary exit poll results indicate that just under half of Democratic primary voters in Indiana and North Carolina alike call the controversy surrounding the Rev. Jeremiah Wright an important factor in their vote, a potential wildcard in the outcome of these two contests.

But Langer notes that the impact of the Wright controversy could be mitigated by early decision-making: "In both states around three-quarters of voters or more say they made up their minds before last week, when the debate over Obama's ex-minister heightened. That's more early deciders than usual; the average across all primaries to date has been 67 percent."

Both candidates are looking for the clean sweep tonight – Obama, so he can finally land the knockout punch, and Clinton so she can continue to make her case to those critical superdelegates to get on her side.

Asked today by ABC News' Kate Snow if she would stay in the race no matter what happens tonight, Clinton didn't make a firm commitment.

"I'm always interested in finding out what voters actually think," she said.  "Because there's all kinds of speculation.  It would be like predicting who would win the Indy 500 before it even starts. We don't know. People prepare.  They work hard.  They do their best. Life is unpredictable. Racing is unpredictable. Politics is unpredictable. So I'm just going to wait and see what the voters have to say."

Obama set his own expectations this morning at the Four Seasons restaurant in Greenwood, IN, per ABC News' Sunlen Miller. "I think it's going to be close," Obama said.

Election officials in both states say that turnout has been high and there have been no major problems at voting locations.

As always, ABC News' Senior Political Writer Rick Klein will be liveblogging the action-packed primary night

Where are the candidates tonight?
Hillary Clinton – Indianapolis, IN
Barack Obama – Raleigh, NC

Where we go from here – By the Numbers:
Primaries: 6
Pledged Delegates remaining: 217
Uncommitted Superdelegates: approximately 260

On the campaign front. . .


-- No public events scheduled, Chicago IL


-- Attends a fundraising event in Washington, D.C.

As for the Republicans. . .


-- 10:00 am EST: Holds a Town Hall Meeting at Oakland University East Campus, Rochester, MI.

At the White House and Beyond. . .


-- 1:15 pm ET: Makers remarks to the Council of the Americas, Washington, DC


-- 8:30 am ET: Releases the productivity report for the first quarter, Washington, DC


-- 3:00 pm ET: Releases the March report on consumer credit, Washington, DC


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