The Note: Pumpin' Up the Volume, Breakin' Down to the Beat

The Los Angeles Times' Mary Curtius writes that House Republicans aren't buying in to the "guest worker" idea . LINK

Read carefully: "Immigration policy "'is the issue that will boil up and spill over and split [Republicans in Congress], if the administration continues to want to drive down this direction,' said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus."

AP's Larry Margasak looks at the argument House Democrats are trying to start over Reps. Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Tom Cole (R-OK) being on the ethics committee, arguing that by contributing to House Minority Leader Tom DeLay's defense fund, they could be biased in their judgement on issues involving him. LINK

From the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire: "As Bush touts nuclear power as an energy answer, his budget boosts funding for Yucca Mountain waste facility by 14% to $651 million; that was a nuclear-industry priority. Realtors and mortgage lenders cheer $200 million in tax breaks for new home buyers, part of Bush's 'ownership' agenda. Health insurers applaud sweetened Health Savings Accounts."


Yesterday, we incorrectly wrote that Al Franken told us he was not running for Senate in 2006. In fact, Mr. Franken did not go that far in his conversation with us. He did, however, tell his audience on Air America Radio yesterday that he would not run because he believes in honoring his commitments -- he's agreed to do the radio show and that he's doing it because he wants to push back against the right. We presume he'll talk more about on Air America today. Mr. Franken is a long-time Note reader (we aren't worthy . . . ), and we did not intend to mischaracterize him. We apologize. LINK

Franken: Not so much -- maybe in 2008. LINK

Grams says yes to MN 06; Kennedy will probably do so today. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Tim Jones profiles Ohio Secretary of State/gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Blackwell, "the anti-Obama." LINK

Rep. Jim Davis (D-FL) is jumping into the Florida gubernatorial race. LINK

Davis was at the TRM Tribute last night.

Pataki's low poll numbers: LINK

And another maid: LINK

Don't bet on Sen. Tom Harkin running for governor of Iowa. LINK


The Boston Globe's Scott Greenberger and Frank Phillips look at the comments yesterday by Gov. Mitt Romney in the New York Times opposing the cloning of embryos for stem cell research -- and the friction Romney caused with Senate President Robert Travaglini by not giving him a heads-up about where he was going. LINK

Romney, saying he's a regular Note reader scoffed at criticism that he's laying the groundwork for a national campaign by choosing the New York Times to talk about the issue. "'There is no story that I know that is a local story that is not a national story,'" he said.

Our work here is done.

David Guarino in the Boston Herald writes about Gov. Romney's trips to court business to Massachusetts and says he hasn't kept his campaign promise. LINK

In a separate article, Guarino quotes NRLC's Carol Tobias: "`If (making an appeal to the right) is what he's trying to do, it's not going to work,' said Carol Tobias, political director of the National Right to Life Committee." LINK

Due to a typing error, we incorrectly spelled the name of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's press secretary. He is Brian McClung. We regret the error.


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