The Final Primary Eve

Tuesday's contests: 31 delegates at stake
Polls open: 8:00 AM ET
Polls close: 9:00 PM ET
15 delegates at stake, proportional

MONTANA - open
Polls open: 9:00 AM ET
Polls close: 10:00 PM ET
16 delegates at stake, proportional

Barack Obama is now just 37.5 delegates away from the DNC's magic number to win the Democratic nomination, in the ABC News delegate estimate.

Obama picked up 12 superdelegates today, including the respected civil rights leader and No. 3 in the House, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. Clyburn will formally endorse Obama on Tuesday morning and ABC News' Jake Tapper reports that Clyburn is calling other superdelegates today to get them on board before the primary season wraps up tomorrow.

Tapper reports that Clyburn had expressed concern about the negative tone of the Democratic nomination race and has criticized how Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign has dealt with Obama.

So will other uncommitted superdelegates follow Clyburn's lead and come out tomorrow? Many have said repeatedly that they would wait until voting ends, but that doesn't mean they have to wait until the polls close tomorrow night. Obama's supporters are putting the lean on some uncommitteds who have been privately backing Obama through this process. The message: If you support him, make it count and come out tomorrow to put him over the threshold.

Obama himself said today that the remaining uncommitteds will be making the decision "fairly quickly" after the final primaries in South Dakota and Montana on Tuesday, ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports.

"We feel good about the number of supderdelegates that we have been accumulating and my sense is that between Tuesday and Wednesday that we've got a good chance of getting the number that we need to win the nomination."

Tomorrow night, Obama will speak in the Excel Center in St. Paul, MN, in the same building where John McCain will accept the Republican nomination at the party's convention in September, as he wraps up the primary season in a general election battleground state

Will the speech be a victory speech? That of course depends on how many superdelegates come out for Obama in the next 24 hours. Obama is favored to win both primaries tomorrow night, but there are only 31 pledged delegates at stake, so the superdelegates will be the deciding factor.

Even if Obama hits that magic number of 2118, that does not mean the Clinton campaign will consider the race over. The New York senator picked up two new superdelegates today, but she is 205.5 delegates away from the nomination.

"I think its pretty clear that she is not conceding." Clinton spokesperson Mo Elleithee said today, per ABC News' Eloise Harper. "I think its pretty clear that she is staying in this race. She is going, in the coming days, to be aggressively courting uncommitted superdelegates aggressively courting unpledged delegates, making the case to them that she is a candidate best ready to take on John McCain."

ABC News' Kate Snow reports that Clinton staffers were sent an email inviting them to New York for the primary night party or they could go home and wait for further instructions. The kicker? Expense reports are due by Friday.

On ABC's World News, George Stephanopoulos highlighted key points to keep in mind over the next couple of day:

  • Candidates' schedules: Obama will be in New York on Wednesday -- will he have an event with Clinton on her home turf on Thursday? Clinton has nothing on her schedule after Wednesday.
  • What does Rahm do? Chicago Rep. Emanuel is a former close aide to former President Clinton but is also close to Obama. Could Emanuel be the bridge that brings the two sides together? (The heated comments from the former president reported by the Huffington Post show that this is no easy task.)

What to look for in South Dakota and Montana

1. South Dakota is overwhelmingly rural and white, but Obama is favored to win there. He has the support of George McGovern, Sen. Tim Johnson, Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

2. South Dakota Democrats typically live in the eastern part of the state and that's where the primary will be won. The power of that region has been felt before. Democratic operatives sensed Daschle's 2004 reelection campaign was in trouble when they saw he was only winning the east by a slim margin. Keep an eye on Minnehaha, Codington and Brown counties. Missoula County is home to the University of Montana, another stronghold for Obama.

3. How do Native-Americans vote? Native Americans make up 6 percent of Montana's population, according to the 2000 census, and are likely to vote at a proportionally higher level in a Democratic primary.

4. Endorsements from the Big Three in Montana? Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Sen. Jon Tester, and Sen. Max Baucus remain uncommitted in the presidential race. Schweitzer and Tester are likely to back the winner of the state's primary.

TV ad spending spree After five months of primaries and caucuses, the money the candidates spent on television really adds up, ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports. This primary season, the presidential hopefuls spent almost $200 million on television ads, while interest groups spent nearly $8 million, according to an new study by TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG with analysis by the Wisconsin Advertising Project.

Read it here.

Bradley reports that unsurprisingly, the study finds that Democratic candidates spent more than their Republican counterparts on TV advertising. The Democrats combined to spend $136.9 million, while Republicans spent $57.5 million. Also not that shocking -- the biggest TV spenders: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. With close to $75 million dished out for television ads, Obama outspent the entire Republican presidential field by $18 million, Bradley reports.


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