Whatever It Takes

South Dakota Primary: Polls Close: 9:00 pm ET

Montana Primary: Polls Close: 10:00 pm ET With Barack Obama having bagged the support of former President Carter and standing on the brink of clinching the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton told congressional supporters from New York on Tuesday that she is willing to be Obama's runningmate if that's what it took to unify the party.

Per ABC's Rick Klein, the VP talk came up when Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-N.Y., told Clinton that Latino voters would only support Obama if she is on the ticket, and several other members of the delegation said she should team up with the Illinois Democrat.

Clinton responded that if Obama asked her to be on the ticket, she would be interested in considering the offer.

Another member of Congress who was on the New York delegation call told ABC's Kate Snow that Tuesday was "the first time we've gotten the green light" from Clinton on her being open to teaming up with Obama.

"It's a chorus of voices that she's hearing: 'we want you on the ticket'," said the congressman.

In conversations with the New York delegation as well as with the Congressional Black Caucus, Clinton knocked down an Associated Press report that she would concede to Obama when she speaks Tuesday evening in New York. The former first lady says she is going to be taking her time to consider all of her options.

Clinton may have no plans to concede right now but Obama is all-but-certain to reach the Democratic Party's "magic number" of 2,118 when he speaks Tuesday evening in St. Paul, Minn. at the site of the 2008 Republican National Convention.

"Obama will walk on stage tonight as the nominee," an Obama aide told ABC's Sunlen Miller.

Obama's speech will appeal for Democratic Party unity and center on "a new phase, a new beginning" of the campaign. Obama's speech writer, Jon Favreau, wrote the text but, according to this campaign aide, Obama had a large part of the formulation of the tone and language.

As Obama seeks to frame the general election from the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," John McCain plans to do the same from New Orleans.

On Wednesday morning, Obama and Clinton are both scheduled to speak to AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, at the Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

McCain spoke to the same group on Monday.

The kicker:

"There is so much pressure. There is so much pressure."

--Hillary Clinton speaking to a major donor on June 3, per ABC's Kate Snow

On the campaign front. . .


-- 10:00 am ET (approx): Addresses AIPAC conference in Washington, DC.

-- 11:50 am ET: Addresses SEIU's Puerto Rico conference from Washington, D.C.


-- 8:45 am ET: Addresses AIPAC conference in Washington, DC.


--President Clinton to Discuss the Future of Corporate Philanthropy, Time Warner Center, New York, NY.

As for the Republicans. . .


-- 11:00 am ET: Attends a town hall meeting with voters, Baton Rouge, LA.

At the White House. . .


--1:45 pm ET: President Bush meets with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, White House.

-- 6:30 pm ET: Hosts congressional picnic on the south lawn.


-- 10:00 am ET: Releases the annual report on human trafficking. Department briefing room. on the record, on camera.


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