The Note's Must-Reads

2008: McCain and Obama:

Avi Zenilman: "Gitmo trial looms in election homestretch" LINK

2008: Obama:

Andrea Elliott: "Muslim Voters Detect a Snub From Obama" LINK

Shailagh Murray and Anne E. Kornblut: "Clinton to Join Obama As He Courts Female Vote" LINK

Susan Davis: "Obama Tilts Toward Center, Irking Some Activists - Stances on Spy Bill And Corporate Tax Buck Liberal Base" LINK

The Associated Press: "Evangelical leader Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible" LINK

Michael Finnegan: "Obama, in Southwest, sets sights on women voters" LINK

The Washington Times' Wesley Pruden: "Saving Us from the Race Card" LINK

The Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "Obama Woos White Women with Pay Promise" LINK

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria: "What Obama Should Say About Iraq" LINK

The Hill's Alexander Bolton: "Obama Tacks Away from Left Wing Base" LINK

2008: McCain:

Michael Cooper: "McCain Proposes a $300 Million Prize for a Next-Generation Car Battery" LINK

Adam Nossiter: "Legislators Raise Pay, and a Governor Pays the Price" LINK

Michael D. Shear: "Terror Strike Would Help McCain, Top Adviser Says" LINK

Michael D. Shear: "McCain Denounces Top Aide's Comments" LINK

Michael D. Shear: "McCain Proposes $300 Million Prize for Electric-Car Advance" LINK

Jonathan Martin: "Black apologizes for terror remark" LINK

Laura Meckler: "Senator's Broad Range Of Energy Policies Defies Categories" LINK

David Jackson: "McCain's $300M lure for new, 'green' car battery sparks buzz" LINK

Cathleen Decker and Michael Finnegan: "McCain gambling on offshore drilling" LINK

Noam N. Levey and Ken Bensinger: "McCain offers prize for cutting-edge battery" LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "McCain Sidetracked by Aide's Terror Gaffe" LINK

Time Magazine's Amy Sullivan: "Will Pro-Choice Women Back McCain?" LINK

The New York Sun's Russel Berman: "With Innovation Prize, McCain Borrows From Gingrich" LINK

The New York Daily News' Richard Cohen: "In the Race for the White House, John McCain is the Devil You Know" LINK

Newsweek's Alan Erenhalt: "Are You Experienced?" LINK

The New York Sun's Seth Gitell: "Lying in Wait" LINK