The Note's Must-Reads

2008: McCain and Obama:

ABC News' Gary Langer: "McCain Tops Obama in Commander-in-Chief Test; Stays Competitive on Iraq - Poll Finds 72 Percent of Americans Say McCain Would be Good Commander-in-Chief" LINK

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman and Jon Cohen: "Poll Finds Voters Split on Candidates' Iraq-Pullout Positions"

The Washington Post's Steve Holland: "McCain rejects Obama attack on immigration" LINK

The Associated Press' Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar: "Experts: Candidate's age shouldn't influence voters" LINK

Bloomberg's Greg Stohr: "Obama, McCain Would Look to Women, Hispanics for Supreme Court" LINK

2008: McCain:

The Wall Street Journal's June Kronholz and Tamara Audi: "Vegas Tycoon Bankrolls Republicans" LINK

The Washington Times' S.A. Miller: "GOP fuels gas-price anger in N.Y. race" LINK

The New York Sun's Seth Gitell: "Romney's Rationale" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Robin Abcarian and Nicole Gaouette: "McCain's turn before La Raza in San Diego" LINK

2008: Obama:

The New York Times' Bill Carter: "Want Obama in a Punch Line? First, Find a Joke" LINK

The New York Times' John M. Broder and Isabel Kershner: "Obama Will Meet Palestinian Leaders in the West Bank" LINK

The Washington Post's Perry Bacon Jr.: "Obama Urges NAACP to Insist on 'Responsibility'" LINK

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "Wag the Blog: The New Yorker and the Outrage Factor" LINK

The Washington Post's Paul Kane: "A Challenge From the Obama Generation" LINK

The Politico's Avi Zenilman and Carrie Budoff Brown: "Obama strategy: Downplay Roe v Wade" LINK

The Politico's Alexander Burns: "Cartoonists mixed on New Yorker cover" LINK

USA Today's Susan Page: "Obama to NAACP: Blacks must seize responsibility" LINK

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro: "Democrats' focus shifts to South - Obama aims for upsets in four states" LINK

The Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "Shift on war hits Obama's liberal base - 'Flip-flopping' message convincing, polls show" LINK

The Washington Times' Glen Johnson and Dan Sewell: "Obama urges blacks' responsibility - Tells NAACP 'I'm not going to stop talking about it'" LINK

The New York Sun's Julie Satow: "Obama Capital Gains Tax Hike Would Hit N.Y. Hard - City's 'Crop' Seen as Vulnerable" LINK

The Hill's Aaron Blake and Jordan Fabian: "Several CBC members anxiously wait on Obama" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas and Michael Finnegan: "Obama re-admonishes African Americans" LINK

James Rainey: "Barack Obama magazine flap shows an irony deficiency - The New Yorker's cover illustration has sparked a flurry of outrage among the Democrat's supporters. Hey, people, it's a joke!" LINK