The Note's Must-Reads

2008: Obama and McCain:

The New York Times' Alessandra Stanley: "Obama Overseas! In Presidential Mode! Back Home, It's McCain in a Golf Cart" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Holmes and Rebecca Dana: "News Coverage Of Obama Irks McCain Team" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Maeve Reston: "Press coverage of Obama puts envy in the air at McCain headquarters - 'The media is in LOVE with Barack,' McCain's camp says in a video that mocks the reporting on the Democrat" LINK

The Chicago Sun Times' Raymond Sokolov: "McCain and Obama's Favorite Restaurants" LINK

2008: Obama:

The New York Times' Kevin Sack: "Health Plan From Obama Spurs Debate" LINK

The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny: "A Candidate's Brief Taste of a Region's Complexities" LINK

The Washington Post's Dan Balz and Sudarsan Raghavan: "After Visit, Obama Defends Iraq Plan - Pullout Tied to Boosting Afghan Mission" LINK

The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung and Jonathan Weisman: "Obama Shifts the Foreign Policy Debate - Candidate Moves Focus From Iraq To Broader Issues" LINK

The Politico's Michael Calderone: "Foreign press: All Obama, all the time" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Cam Simpson and Jay Solomon: "Obama's Tour of Israel Confronts Skeptics - Democrat's Stands On Iran and Iraq Hurt Popularity" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan: "Obama turns focus from war to peace" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Dan Morain: "Donations to Obama campaign include some biggies" LINK

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro: "Obama Takes on Airs of Inevitability" LINK

The Washington Times' Adrienne T. Washington: "Black Republicans Conflicted on Obama" LINK

The Hill's Sam Youngman: "Obama Gets in the Way of the Bully Pulpit" LINK

The New York Daily News' Michael McAuliff: "Obama Practices Tough Love to Achieve Peace in Middle East" LINK

The New York Daily News' Thomas M. DeFrank : "Obama Hits Grand Slam in Mideast Tour; 'He's won the Week vs. McCain" LINK

2008: McCain:

The New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller: "With the Mideast a Priority for Both Campaigns, McCain Intensifies His Attack" LINK

The Washington Post's Matthew Mosk: "Big GOP Donor Faced Trouble Back Home - Venture capitalist Craig Berkman co-hosted a fundraiser for John McCain" LINK

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "McCain Veep Pick: Feint or For Real?" LINK

The Politico's Mike Allen: "McCain says coverage is 'fun to watch'" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler and Elizabeth Holmes: "McCain's Message Gets Makeover - 'Sgt. Schmidt' Gives New Orders: Hammer, Then Repeat" LINK

The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "Speculation intensifies over a McCain VP pick" LINK

USA Today's David Jackson: "McCain pushes offshore-drilling plan" LINK

The Washington Times Joseph Curl and Ralph Z. Hallow: "Rumor Talk Turns to McCain" LINK

The Boston Herald's Hilary Chabot: "Mitt Romney 'Near' Top of McCain's Veep List" LINK

2008: McCain and Obama: International Perspectives:

The BBC's (UK) Justin Webb: "Anti-Americanism will continue, whoever wins" LINK

The Times' (UK) Tim Reid and James Hider: "Democrat Barack Obama viewed with suspicion in Israel - Barack Obama has already made remarks that are likely to unsettle his Israeli hosts" LINK

Al Jazeera's (Doha – Qatar) Marwan Bishara: "Obama: Commander-in-(mis)chief?" LINK