The Note: The Boy Looking for the Pony

It's official: in his state's restaurants and stores, Gov. Schwarzenegger is soliciting support from voters one by one for his initiatives on state pensions, redistricting, and teachers' tenure.

More from the Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas and Robert Salladay on the Humvee-at-Applebee's adventure and more to come. LINK

More from the San Francisco Chronicle's Mark Martin: LINK

Nicholas and Salladay also take a look at the Governor's financial disclosure forms, and we're dying to see the scepter. LINK


Lloyd Grove says Whoopie Goldberg sent Dave Bossie a box of chocolates in response to that billboard. (If you don't know who all three of those people are, and what billboard we mean, you have been skipping episodes of The Note . . . ) LINK

Former DNC chair aspirant Leo Hindery is launching a new media investment firm, with advisory help from former Sens. Daschle, Kerrey, and Gorton, per the New York Post. LINK

The Post has another business story that is too complicated for us to understand, but it carries the tell-tale "Christopher Byron" byline and contains these two bold-faced-names graphs:

"Among the Fusion big names from the world of Washington politics are former President Bush's chief of staff, John Sununu, and his Clinton administration counterpart, Thomas F. McLarty III, along with the Clinton era's Democratic National Committee finance chairman Marvin S. Rosen, and Clinton's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Raymond Mabus." LINK

"Others connected to the money-losing 54-employee company, which purports to offer "voice over internet" telephone service in the Third World, include President John F. Kennedy's nephew, and former Massachusetts congressman, Joseph Kennedy II, as well as the elder Bush's one-time budget director Joseph R. Wright Jr."

The State's Lauren Markoe and John Monk bring more today from the Thurmond FBI file: "U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond and his staff tried to get the FBI to build a case against civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965 on the grounds that he was 'controlled by communists.'" LINK

Loads more in the sidebars.

Per the AP: "An effort to repeal a city ordinance that protects gays from discrimination failed on Tuesday night, and a lesbian city councilwoman turned back a primary challenge by the granddaughter of the minister who orchestrated the repeal campaign." LINK

There is nothing in the world like the Washington Post's Ann Gerhart writing about elegiac Democrats feteing Tom Daschle. LINK

Poesy-worthy sentences include:

"John Kerry could be seen from nearly every vantage point in the cavernous hall. John Edwards, who gave up his Senate seat to be Kerry's running mate, worked the room, doing that thing where he reached out with one hand toward the next supplicant while still clasping the last one who had buttonholed him."

"Michigan's Debbie Stabenow whipped off a black cloth that covered a painting, to reveal a building renamed for Daschle -- the Senator Thomas A. Daschle Building on Maryland Avenue, headquarters of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The DSCC is the very group that failed to keep Daschle around, but everybody got to take home a rendering of the three-story building, with the Capitol in the background, a ghostly presence."


A most hearty Note welcome to John Tierney, who becomes a New York Times op-ed columnist, and whose work we have long enjoyed. "Savored" really. LINK

The New York Observer says Mary Mapes is writing a book. And Joe Hagan continues to own this story. LINK

Ladies and gentlemen of Bos-Wash: your new national Los Angeles Times -- or as we call it: better than nothing. LINK

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