The Note: Carving Out the Carve-Outs?

Hosted by Paul Stekler, and with heavy Wayne Slater (a.k.a. Slayne Waiter) participation, an advanced tape of the session suggests plenty of grist for Note readers.

Rove describes his plan to eventually take over the world (or at least the U.S.) one Republican vote at a time.

Sitting in a featureless room wearing a brown suit reminiscent of the attire once seen on Masterpiece Theater -- minus the pipe and housecoat -- Rove depicts himself as a man who was simply, "in the right place at the right time."

Stekler asks what led Rove to believe that Republicans had a chance at all in Texas.

Rove articulates oh so eloquently how Texas was "blessed with the appearance of the succession of political leaders, who, by conduct of their campaigns were able to successively build on each other's successes and create the modern Republican Party in Texas."

There's plenty of talk of Rick Perry, David Weeks, George Christian, and other familiar names.

Check your local listings. And download: LINK


Sara Clarke of the Los Angeles Times reports that President Bush's proposed budget falls far short on border patrol agents mandated in legislation last year. LINK

This morning, as we Noted above, National Journal's Hotline and Westhill Partners held a breakfast briefing to talk about their new poll on immigration (which can be found at LINK).

The survey of 800 registered voters were split on whether they think immigration into the U.S. should remain at its current level; 39 percent favored it, and 27 percent opposed. Fourteen percent said they think legal immigration should be increased.


The New York Times' Phil Shenon Notes that testimony in the trial of Texas Republicans with ties to Tom DeLay has not so far implicated the House Majority Leader in anything illegal. LINK

So Tom DeLay's House seat is safe . . . right. Right?

"DeLay garnered 55 percent of the vote in the November election against a relatively unknown Democrat, an unusually modest showing for a veteran House member who is one of the most powerful politicians in Washington. Some Republican officials and DeLay supporters worry that with President Bush absent from the top of the ticket next year, liberal interest groups might target the conservative majority leader and spend millions of dollars on campaign ads to try to defeat him," writes Mike Allen with a Sugar Land, TX dateline. LINK

You can bet your Howard Dean Dollars on that.

Dana Milbank makes fun of Sen. Rick Santorum and ferrets out a disagreement the re-election-conscious Pennsylvanian has over the President's agenda. LINK

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein looks at the efforts by a group of 50 House members to reverse the "don't ask, don't tell" military policy, arguing that gay and lesbian military personnel should be allowed to serve in the interest of national security. LINK

The House passed a job-training bill yesterday that would allow faith-based groups that get federal funding to take into account a person's religious background when hiring. LINK

The bankruptcy bill kept on truckin' yesterday, now minus the Democrats' amendments to exempt seniors and those dealing with medical hardship from the more stringent rules, reports the Los Angeles Times' Maura Reynolds. LINK

Loads of criticism for Sen. Byrd's remarks comparing the "nuclear option" to the Nazis. LINK

The Al Dente Accord, or: The House of Labor:

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