Kerry Labels McCain 'Dangerous' for US Direction

Remember when John Kerry wanted John McCain to be his running mate?

Now the Massachusetts senator won't be caught dead on what he calls the "Low-Road Express."

"The bottom line is, this administration has moved towards Barack Obama's positions, John McCain is still stuck on the 'Low Road Express,'" said Kerry, referring to recent adjustments to US foreign policy regarding Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea.

"He doesn't get it," Kerry said of McCain. "He's even dangerous, I think, for the direction of this country. That's why we need to stay focused on electing Barack . . ."

Kerry also said, "John McCain is looking for someone for vice president who has more economic expertise than he does. So congratulations to all of you, you're on the short list."

Kerry offered his scathing assessment at a Boston fundraiser for Obama.

ABC News' Jake Tapper has more.

Georgia's Senate Run-Off

On Tuesday, Vernon Jones and Jim Martin meet in a runoff election to decide which Democrat will face off against Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Jones is the Democrat who mailed thousands of fliers featuring what appeared to be a photo of himself standing next to Obama.

"I do not endorse him. I have not endorsed him. He put my picture on his literature without asking me," Obama told a local newspaper last month, referring to Jones.

The kicker: "Thank you, Bob. Thanks for trying."

--McCain spokesman Brian Rogers to Bob Lewis after the AP scribe asked if Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., would care to comment about any VP conversations he has had with the presumptive Republican nominee.

On the campaign front. . .


-- Campaigns in Michigan then heads to West Virginia.


-- Morning: Attends town hall meeting on energy policy with voters, Youngstown, OH.

-- 2:00 pm ET: Attends town hall meeting on energy policy with voters, Berea, OH.

At the White House. . .


-- Arrives in Seoul, South Korea.


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