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"Oliver and Elmendorf are considered among the most effective, knowledgeable and well-connected individuals in U.S. politics today," said Bryan Cave Chairman Don Lents in a statement. "Government policy affects nearly all businesses. Effective client problem solving and planning requires more than traditional litigation services and business advice. Bryan Cave Strategies fits our firmwide commitment to providing top-tier, full service solutions for our clients."

The St. Louis Post Dispatch's Deirdre Sheesgreen gets Larry Noble to acknowledge that Messiers Elmendorf and Oliver will be instantly credible. LINK

Look out QuinnGillespie / PodestaMattoon . . . and if you are network exec and aren't thinking about turning this pairing into a reality show, you are nuts.

Two major subcontractors (if Karl was the architect) of President Bush's re-election campaign are headed to the Washington, D.C. office of the Florida-based law firm of Akerman Senterfitt.

These two men, among the smartest GOP consultants around, are: former BC04 deputy campaign manager Mark Wallace and former BC04 political director Terry Nelson.

Wallace will be of counsel; Nelson will be a consultant in the firm's government relations shop.

Wallace, a veteran of Florida politics and national policy roles, served the Bush campaign in several highly sensitive roles, from liaising with the RNCC in New York to being a key debate negotiator to being the campaign's point person on election administration issues.

The circumspect Nelson, formerly a top deputy at the RNC, was one of Rove's lead field marshals and designed and supervised the campaign's political, outreach and field efforts. (The tales we heard of his in-house motivational sessions are legendary.)

Upcoming Mary Beth Cahill-led study groups we know we want to attend at the Kennedy School of Government's Institute of Politics:

Today, Kerry campaign COO Karen Hancox explains how she kept the KE04 budget on track. And Marc Elias speaks on election law, coordination (and lack thereof).

On 3/16, Stephanie Cutter guests, along with Karen Tumulty.

On April 6, John Podesta "will talk about the role policies and ideas play in federal campaigns," according to the syllabus. On April 13, moneyman Louis Susman explains the ins and outs of fundraising.

On April 20: Bob Shrum.

TNR senior editor Ryan Lizza formalizes his agreement to write on politics for Adam Moss's New York magazine, and we are thrilled for him, New York, and, uh, New York. LINK

Bolton from the blue:

The New York Times duo of Carl Hulse and Steven Weisman get lots of good background comments from Senators (Sen. Lugar allegedly advised Secretary Rice not to nominate Bolton as her deputy; Sen. Chafee is iffy about Bolton but probably will vote for him; Vice President Cheney played a "decisive role.") and conclude that while the nominee will face a tough panel of questions, his nomination is not in jeopardy. LINK

A smarmy anti-Bolton New York Times editorial wonders whether President Bush will ask "Donald Rumsfeld to negotiate a new set of Geneva Conventions? Martha Stewart to run the Securities and Exchange Commission? Kenneth Lay for energy secretary?" LINK

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