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Writes Nile Gardiner on the Boston Globe's op-ed page, "The nomination of Bolton should be viewed not as a slap in the face of the UN but as a symbol of the importance the Bush administration attaches to reforming the world's largest multilateral institution. His nomination also is a recognition of the need for strong American leadership at the United Nations." LINK

Anne Applebaum goes to China and defends Bolton on the Washington Post op-ed page. LINK

The Congress:

The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg reports that GOPers in the Senate will add ANWR drilling to their budget proposal and gets all sides of the debate to acknowledge that it has a fairly good (though not inevitable) chance of passing. LINK

The New York Times' Steven Labaton calls the passage of bankruptcy legislation inevitable and provides a useful summary of the debate to date. LINK

The New York Times' Phil Shenon summarizes the documents entered into evidence in the Texas TRMPAC case. There still seems to be no precise there there. LINK

The New York Times' David Kirkpatrick reports that former Bush aide Gary Marx has formed a clearinghouse for conservative groups to coordinate grassroots activism for the President's judicial nominees. LINK


Deb Orin is of course all over Teresa Heinz Kerry's musings about alleged election shenanigans. LINK

And the Boston Herald's Andrew Miga Notes that about 100 top John Kerry fundraisers and supporters huddled at his Georgetown manse Monday to plot his comeback. LINK

The Arizona Republic's Billy House writes that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) leads Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) by double-digits in a new Marist College poll, with 54 percent to her 42 percent in a hypothetical head-to-head White House matchup. But first he'd have to get the Republican nomination. LINK

The Village Voice's Kristen Lombardi says that Sen. Clinton made her debut as a "god-fearing American" on Jan 19. LINK

Tish Durkin of the New York Observer channels Sen. Clinton and says to herself: "If the American heartland is anything like upstate New York -- or, please God, the national-level Republicans in 2008 are anything like the New York State ones in 2000, and limit their entire message to the premise that I am one scary bitch -- I will get major points just for not spitting fire."

She continues: "But hang on a second. It is one thing to view Hillary Clinton as a plausible candidate. It is quite another to hail her as Our Lady of Democratic Redemption. Lately, some of the analysis she has inspired has been so ecstatic and so fuzzy, it seems only a matter of time before those offering it start giggling and getting the munchies."

Read the whole thing. LINK

Why did Sen. Chuck Hagel's year-end constituency report end up in the mailbox of a tried and true New Hampshire Democrat? LINK

As Gov. Jeb Bush delivered his state of the state, attention was focused on those who'll try and succeed him. LINK

Bush pushed for tax cuts, Medicaid reform, changes to the public education system, and asked legislators to be bold.

Slots lose in Miami-Dade; win in Broward; Jeb Bush takes credit. LINK

Correction: On Monday, we incorrectly reported the content of legislation that Virginia Gov. Mark Warner planned to sign. The general assembly repealed the ban on private companies offering domestic partner benefits. We regret the error.


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