The Note: And the Benny Goes to . . .

"DOUBLE doggone it. Chad Clanton left his signature Tony Lama cowboy boots back at his bachelor pad near Union Square, so the only proof that he's a terminal Texan toiling as a temporary New York City political operative for the mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer hails from his barbed-wire body -- he's a tad bowlegged inside those broken-in blue jeans -- and hard-wired twang. Yep, he says git for get. Repeatedly. Endearingly. As in, 'We need a mayor who gits it, and Mayor Bloomberg just doesn't git it.'"

We aren't entirely sure whether Chad actually says "git," but the rest of the profile, aside from the first fish-out-of-war grafs, is pretty cool.

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too!!!!

Clanton is quoted in another New York Times story about a non-aggression pact between Democratic mayoral candidates Fields and Ferrer. LINK

Now Hahn and Villaraigosa are duking it out for endorsements, report the Los Angeles Times' Jessica Garrison and Noam Levey. LINK


The Wall Street Journal ed board cheers Gov. Schwarzenegger's anti-gerrymander efforts in California. "Governor Schwarzenegger's proposal is especially notable because it may not even be in his own party's self-interest. California is a Democratic-leaning state, and the gerrymander arguably locks in more Republican Congressional seats than the GOP could obtain in genuinely competitive races," the Journal Notes.

John DiStaso of the Manchester Union Leader reports that former New Hampshire Republican Party executive director Charles "Chuck" McGee pleaded guilty to a felony charge for orchestrating a scheme to jam Democratic GOTV phone lines in 2002. Despite a plea for leniency by Democratic Party chair Kathleen Sullivan, McGee was sentenced to seven months in a federal minimum security prison, was fined $2,000 and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service. LINK

DiStaso's editors gave him tons of room, and he does his usual balance of excellent writing and reporting.

The Georgia House passed a newly drawn map of congressional districts yesterday afternoon, Roll Call's Lauren Whittington reports, and the state Senate is expected to take it up next week.

John Judis' long-awaited take on the AFL-CIO in Vegas finally makes it online. LINK

The Nixon Library's cancellation of a planned conference on Vietnam and the Nixon years gets Paper of Record treatment. LINK

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards. LINK

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