The Note: Oh, Somewhere in This Favored Land the Sun Is Shining Bright

The Los Angeles Times' Robert Salladay tallies up Gov. Schwarzenegger's considerable time on the road -- and a Republican state Senator is looking to change the law that gives the Lieutenant Governor CiC powers over the state when the Gov leaves its airspace. LINK

According to George Skelton's scathing assessment, no matter what the Governator says or how he sees himself, if you're in elective office, you're a politician. LINK

Dick Morris calls Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposals "one of the most astounding, imaginative and forward-thinking agendas in our recent history." LINK

Sen. John Kerry:

In his speech this morning, Sen. Kerry will say that Washington isn't operating in the interests of the American people -- shown by the budget he says violates three fundamental American values -- honesty, responsibility, and opportunity, an aide tells us, and will warn of the dangers to the economy of foreign-held debt. He'll also talk about his own Senate agenda, including his Military Family Bill of Rights and his Kids First health-care plan.

An excerpt:

"This week's debate on the federal budget should remind all Americans that Washington does not work for them."

"The votes this week weren't just ticks in the won-loss column, they were assaults on our nation's character. Honesty, opportunity and responsibility were all cut from this budget. And these cuts should give us all cause for concern, because in the end budgets are a statement of your priorities. They are your values backed up by dollars and cents."

". . . Hold this budget to those simple values: Is it honest? Responsible? Does it create opportunity for all Americans? By any standard this budget fails to measure up, and even sells out our most cherished values."

2008: Democrats:

It's not Joe-mentum, but it's apparently all things Wes -- Ret. Gen. Wes Clark is talking national security with his redesigned Web site -- -- complete with the WesBlog!

The New York Post's Eric Fettmann won't go as far as the boys on "Hardball" or Russert on "Imus" in saying Sen. Clinton is a lock for 2008 -- but Fettmann thinks she IS a lock for 2006. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Boston Globe's Scott Greenberger writes that at a Michigan GOP fund-raiser last night, Gov. Romney seemed to soften his tone on gay marriage, talking about the need to respect modern families of all forms -- then talked about the need for children to have a mother and a father and praised Michigan for its same-sex marriage ban. LINK

In a separate story, Greenberger also reports definitely that Romney either is or isn't running for re-election in 2006, and he either has or has not backed off previous statements about this. LINK

The Boston Phoenix's Adam Reilly explores the political power of the LDS church and wonders whether it will mobilize its ranks to help elect Mitt Romney president. LINK

Gov. George Pataki proposes to cut $1 billion from Medicaid in New York by closing hospitals, but the two other men who run the state government with him object. LINK

But Jennifer Cunningham doesn't . . .

Two nuggets from John DiStaso's Granite Status: "Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, a possible '08 Presidential candidate, is tentatively planning a college tour in New Hampshire. Another Republican senator, Sam Brownback of Kansas, has made calls in these parts looking for speaking engagements." LINK


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