The Note's Must-Reads

2008: McCain and Obama:

ABC News' Teddy Davis and Rigel Anderson: "Campaigns Assign Bailout Blame" LINK

The Boston Herald's Joe Dwinell: "Barack Obama shows independent side, 'burbs like John McCain" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Seema Mehta and Maeve Reston: "McCain blames Democrats for bailout failure; Obama says look at the record" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Mark Z. Barabak: "In Nevada, Democrats are on a roll" LINK

The Los Angeles Noam N. Levey: "Obama increases lead over McCain slightly since debate" LINK

The Washington Post's Michael D. Shear and Dan Balz: "An Appeal And A Blame Game" LINK

The Washington Post's Joel Achenbach and Ashley Surdin: "For Many Americans, Fear And Distrust Run High" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Amy Chozick and Elizabeth Holmes: "Candidates Try To Sidestep Fallout Of Failed Vote" LINK

The Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown and Amie Parnes: "Obama, McCain urge action on bailout plan" LINK

The Associated Press: "McCain faults Obama, allies for partisanship" LINK

The Associated Press: "Obama: McCain's deregulation too risky for economy" LINK

2008: McCain:

The New York Sun's Joseph Goldstein: "Bailout Failure Puts McCain on the Spot" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Bob Drogin: "After dramatic detour, John McCain's task is to get back on track" LINK

The New York Times' Michael Cooper and Jeff Zeleny: "With Deal's Collapse, The McCain Camp Attacks" LINK

The Politico's Jonathan Martin: "McCain calls on Congress to go back to work" LINK

The Associated Press' Steven Hurst: "Analysis: With bailout, McCain Reaches Dead End" LINK

2008: Obama:

The Wall Street Journal's Capital Journal: "Democrats Want Obama To Use Some Fighting Words" LINK

The Washington Times' Valerie Richardson: "Obama Regains Lead in Battleground Colorado" LINK

The Politico's Mark J. Penn: "Obama has advantage on economy" LINK

2008: Biden:

The Washington Post's Perry Bacon Jr.: "Democrats See The Pros and Cons Of Letting Biden Be Biden" LINK

The Associated Press' Calvin Woodward and Matt Volz: "Palin, Biden a Lively Pairing for Veep Debate" LINK

2008: Palin:

ABC News' Rick Klein and Hope Ditto: "The Note: Palin Significance" LINK

The New York Sun's On the Hustings: "Palin, McCain Decry 'Gotcha' Journalism" LINK

The New York Times' Adam Nagourney: "Concerns About Palin's Readiness As A Big Test Nears" LINK

The Boston Herald's Margery Eagan: "As the lipstick fades, Sarah Palin's true colors show" LINK

The Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam: "Sarah Palin has trouble again with Katie Couric" LINK

Time Magazine's James Poniewozik: "Tina Fey, Palin's Worst Enemy or Best Friend?" LINK

The Washington Times' Jerry Seper: "Palin's Finances Unusual for Alaskans" LINK

The Washington Times' Tara Wall: "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Which Palin Will Show Up at the Debate?" LINK

The Politico's Andy Barr: "Experts: Palin's religion misunderstood" LINK

The Associated Press: "NH congressional candidate Jennifer Horn enjoys Palin comparison" LINK

The Associated Press' Alan Fram: "Palin Still Excites GOP, but Luster Dims a Bit" LINK

2008: Biden and Palin:

The Los Angeles Times' Erika Hayasaki: "Wasilla, Alaska, gadfly goes viral" LINK

The Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin: "Palin Gets Ready For Eagerly Awaited Debate With Biden" LINK

The Associated Press: "Palin, Biden a lively pairing for veep debate" LINK

2008: Bailout:

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos: "What's Next? Congress Mulls Four Options" LINK

ABC News' Mark Mooney: "On the Brink: Dow Plunges On Fears House Will Not Pass Bailout" LINK

ABC News' Rick Klein: "Defeat Sends Political Shockwaves" LINK

The New York Times' Jackie Calmes: "In Bailout Vote, A Leadership Breakdown" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler: "Earmarks' Fiscal, Political Impact Is Modest" LINK