The Note's Must-Reads


The Los Angeles Times' Maeve Reston, Dan Morain and Seema Mehta: "McCain pulls advertising in Michigan" LINK

The Boston Herald's Joe Dwinell: "Mixed bag for John McCain" LINK

The Boston Herald's Mike Underwood: "John McCain backs Red Sox" LINK

Politico's Jonathan Martin: "RNC shatters monthly fundraising record" LINK

Politico's Mike Allen: "McCain's fate hangs on three states" LINK

Bloomberg's Hans Nichols and Kim Chipman: "McCain Scales Back in Michigan as Obama Steps Up Bid" LINK

w The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler and Nick Timiraos: "McCain Abandons Michigan As Battleground Map Shifts" LINK

2008: Obama:

The Wall Street Journal's August Cole: "Obama Adviser Doesn't Expect Defense Cuts" LINK

Politico's Final Score: "Obama wins the day" LINK

The Boston Herald's Inside Track: "Jay-Z supporting Barack Obama with two free concerts" LINK

The Associated Press: "Obama adviser suggests Robert Gates as possible holdover" LINK

2008: Biden:

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "Biden gets veep role wrong" LINK

2008: Palin:

ABC News' Teddy Davis: "Palin Gets McCain Stance on Homeowner Protections Wrong" LINK

The New York Times' Patrick Healy: "Palin and Biden Are Cordial but Pointed" LINK

The New York Times' Alessandra Stanley: "A Candidate Recaptures Her Image" LINK

The New York Times' Peter Baker: "Palin Meets a Test" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten: "The politics of spunk" LINK

The New York Daily News' Michael Saul And Celeste Katz: "Sarah Palin holds her own against Joe Biden, but can't help McCain" LINK

The New York Posts' Geoff Earle: "Sarah Palin's Big Night" LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "Alaskan delivers folksy message" LINK

The Boston Herald's Jill Radsken: "Fashionisto disses Sarah Palin's 'crazy prom hair'" LINK

Politico's John F. Harris and Mike Allen: "Palin meets expectations but still falls short" LINK

Politico's Roger Simon: "You betcha Sarah Palin can debate" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Declarations: "Palin the Populist" LINK

Time Magazine's Belinda Luscombe: "Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin" LINK

The Associated Press: "Judge Refuses to Block Troopergate Probe" LINK

2008: Bailout:

The Wall Street Journal's Greg Hitt: "Rescue Plan's Prospects Brighten" LINK

The Associated Press' Julie Hirschfeld Davis: "Wave of House Converts Jump Aboard Bailout Bill" LINK

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