To: 'Avid Readers of The National Press'

Picking up where Steve Schmidt left off, McCain aides Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Brian Rogers counseled the press corps on Monday not to believe everything they read in the Grey Lady.

"The New York Times was flat wrong," said Rogers, a McCain spokesman, referring to a Times story whose headline read: "No New Economic Proposal Expected From McCain".

"Avid readers of the national press should be informed that John McCain never planned to talk about economics today," said McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

Having unveiled a new stump speech Monday, McCain plans to turn to the economy on Tuesday.

"Tomorrow," said Holtz-Eakin, McCain "will turn to the economy, to the pressures facing nervous families and American business, and we will talk about specific new measures that will address this financial crisis."

Asked during a press call to explain "the confusion that seems to have reigned over the last couple of days," Holtz-Eakin said, "The truth is the American people are uninterested in the meetings that the McCain campaign holds with its advisors."

"They are interested," he continued, "in the actions that need to be taken nationally."

Developing . . .

Can RNC's I.E. Stop Dems from Reaching 60?

With Democrats within striking distance of a filibuster-proof 60 seat majority in the Senate, top Republicans tell Politico's Jonathan Martin that the RNC's independent expenditure committee is considering tapping into a $5 million line of credit this week to aid an increasing number of vulnerable incumbents.

Republican officials see GOP Senate seats at risk in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, Alaska, Oregon, Georgia, and even Kentucky -- home of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

According a Politico source familiar with this week's ad buys, the DSCC is outspending the NRSC by just under $30 million in targeted states.

Dems Gain In Nevada If the Silver State falls to Barack Obama on Nov. 4th, Monday's bulletin from Jon Ralston about the Reno area may prove to be a clip 'n save.

"As of this Flashing," wrote Nevada's Ralston, "live voter file shows Democrats have a 376-voter lead in traditionally GOP Washoe County."

"So now," he added, "the only red area of the state is where the cows live."

The Kicker:
"And they don't have terrorist friends to whom their careers are linked."
--Lyric to song about Barack Obama performed by Hank Williams, Jr., at McCain-Palin event in Virginia Beach

On the campaign front. . .

-- 9:30 am ET: Holds women's town hall in Blue Bell, PA.

-- 11:00 am ET: Holds rally in Scranton, PA.

-- No Public Events: Preparing for debate in Ohio.

-- 10:30 am ET: Holds rally in Warren, OH.
-- 4:00 pm ET: Holds rally in St. Clairsville, OH.
-- 7:15 pm ET: Holds rally in Marietta, OH.

At the White House. . .

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