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Watch the push: "McCain aides first accused ACORN of misdeeds last week. McCain upped the ante Tuesday when he called for an immediate investigation of what he described as 'voter fraud going on' in battleground states. He also sought to tie the alleged irregularities directly to his Democratic opponent," Bob Drogin and David Savage report in the Los Angeles Times.

"Obama has a responsibility to rein in ACORN," Sarah Palin told Rush Limbaugh Tuesday.

Obama Tuesday called the ACORN matter a "distraction," and said thanks but no thanks: "We've got the best voter registration and turnout and volunteer operation in politics right now and we don't need ACORN's help," Obama said, per ABC's Jake Tapper.

The New York Daily News' Thomas M. DeFrank has McCain's roadmap for a Truman: "1. The Stock Market Recovers . . . 2. Crisis Abroad . . . 3. A Big-Time Obama Goof . . . 4. A Bold McCain Gesture . . . 5. Slacker Generation? . . . 6. A Terrorist Attack."

A casualty of the Obama boom: Christopher Buckley. "William F. Buckley Jr.'s son said yesterday that he had lost his back-page column in National Review, the conservative bible founded by his father," Howard Kurtz reports in The Washington Post.

Says Buckley: "Within hours, poor NR was being swamped with furious mail, 'Cancel my subscription, this is betrayal, Judas, Benedict Arnold.' . . . I thought the decent thing to do would be to offer to resign the column. Well, they accepted it."

Writes National Review editor Rich Lowry: "It's an intense election season and emotions are running high. We continue to have the highest regard for Chris's talent and wit, and extend to him warmest regards and understanding."

Matthew Dowd on McCain's pick of Palin: "[McCain] knows, in his gut, that he put somebody unqualified on the ballot. He knows that in his gut, and when this race is over that is something he will have to live with. . . . He put somebody unqualified on that ballot and he put the country at risk, he knows that."

On the enthusiasm she's sparked: "To me it is like Halloween," Dowd said. "You get energized by eating all that candy at night but then you feel sick the next day."

Bill Kristol fires back at this smarty-pants friends (via Maureen Dowd's column): "With all due respect for my fellow eggheads, they are underestimating the importance of a natural political gift or star quality. It matters a lot."

Playing defense on judges for Obama: Joe Biden. "Seen this ad questioning what kind of people Barack Obama would appoint? Well I chaired the Senate committee that reviews judicial nominees. I know Barack Obama. These ads are ridiculous," Biden says in a new ad.

The New Hampshire Union-Leader endorses (surprise) McCain: "In this time of great uncertainty, America needs an experienced, decisive leader with clear vision and a steady hand to guide us through. That man is Sen. John McCain."

Look for the byline soon: Julie Mason, the lovely and talented Houston Chronicle White House correspondent (and "Beltway Confidential" blogger) is joining The Washington Examiner as White House correspondent. (Check out her greatest-hits collection of photo captions from the Bush presidency."

Still pushing for a debate question on hurricane rebuilding: The *Equity and Inclusion campaign,* this time with a full-page ad in Newsday.

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