'I Know What I Was Doing'

Sarah Palin discussed her upcoming "Saturday Night Live" appearance on Friday, telling Neal Boortz in a radio interview that she does not know what the late-night sketch comedy show has lined up for her while adding that it is a chance to "rise above the political shots that we take."

"I haven't seen a script -- not at all. They haven't even hinted about what that script is going to say," said Palin.

"But you know," she said, "I just want to be there to show Americans that we will rise above the political shots that we take because we're in this serious business for serious challenges that are facing the good American people right now."

"That's why we're campaigning hard," she added. "That's why we're working hard." Asked if she is going to play Tina Fey, the actress who has been skewering the Alaska governor's debate performances and television interviews, Palin said, "I should. That's a good idea."

She then added: "Oh, I don't know what they have lined up."

Beyond previewing her SNL appearance, Palin was also asked about McCain's widely praised joint appearance with Barack Obama at Thursday's Al Smith dinner.

Boortz told Palin that people have been asking him, "Where has that McCain been?"

"(Laughter) I think that's the problem with campaigns," said Palin. "Doggone it. There aren't enough hours in the day to really be able to express all aspects of who a candidate is and where they want to lead this great country."

Palin was asked at the very end of her interview if she has ever heard of the "Fair Tax." The Alaska governor indicated that she was familiar with it and expressed frustration with the current system but stopped short of endorsing the tax overhaul.

"I have" [heard of it] said Palin, "and you know what, in listening to it, and hearing more about it, we know that our current system is so doggone burdensome that anything would be better than our current tax code."

The "Fair Tax" proposal, which was championed by Mike Huckabee before he won this year's Iowa Caucuses, would replace all federal taxes with a 23 percent sales tax. In order to offset its impact on the poor, the legislation would offer a monthly prebate to all Americans.

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"If you haven't read the book, the head of your ticket has one," Boortz told Palin, referring to one of the books that he and Rep. John Linder, R-Ga., have co-authored on the "Fair Tax."

TiVo alert:
Colin Powell appears Sunday on "Meet the Press"

The Kicker:
"She's lost her new car smell, if you will."
--MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Sarah Palin during a Wednesday interview with Mitt Romney

On the campaign front. . .


-- 8:00 am ET: Holds Rally in Concord, NC.
-- 1:00 pm ET: Holds Rally in Woodbridge, VA

-- 8:30 am ET: Holds Rally in Lancaster, PA.

-- 12:00 pm ET: Holds Rally in St. Louis, MO.
-- 4:00 pm ET (Doors): Holds rally in Kansas City, MO.

JOE BIDEN -- No Public Events.

At the White House. . .

-- 4:10 p.m. Meerts with the President of France and the President of the European Commission.


-- 11:00 am ET: Holds Rally in Westerville, OH.
-- 1:15 pm ET: Holds Rally in Toledo, OH.

-- 1:00 pm ET: Holds Rally in Roswell, NM.

-- 1:30 pm ET: Holds Rally in Fayetteville, NC.
-- 4:00 pm ET (Doors): Holds rally in Kansas City, MO.

-- 2:00 pm ET: Holds Rally in Tacoma, WA.


-- 9:00 am ET: Holds Rally in St. Charles, MO.
-- 3:45 pm ET: Holds Rally in Belton, MO.

-- 6:00 pm ET (Doors): Holds Rally in Grand Junction, CO.

-- TBD

-- TBD


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