The Note: Grounded Control

"The program gave a new meaning to the word 'infomercial' and, for that matter, to all notions of political advertising," Jim Rutenberg reports in The New York Times. "The infomercial was part slickly produced reality program; part Lifetime biography; and part wonkish policy lecture with music that could have come from 'The West Wing.' . . . It was largely in keeping with Mr. Obama's strategic imperative this year: Make voters comfortable with the idea of him in the Oval Office while at the same time presenting him as a candidate who can connect with everyday, middle-class voters struggling through the toughest economic times in generations."

And he capped it with some mended fences:

"The pair, introduced as 'the 42nd president and the next president,' took the stage to cheers from a crowd of 35,000," Peter Slevin writes in The Washington Post. "Declaring that Obama 'represents the future,' Clinton predicted that Obama would be a smart president 'who wants to understand, and he can understand.' "

Slevin reports: "The timing of the Obama-Clinton appearance is a tactic the campaign intends to repeat in the coming days. An aide said a central goal is to maximize face time on local news broadcasts -- and to cover as much ground as possible before he votes Tuesday in Chicago."

"Clinton praised Obama's philosophy, policies, decision making, and capacity to execute his plans in the White House, saying crisply: 'This man should be our president,' " writes Time's Mark Halperin. "There still may be doubt within their circle of supporters that Obama is fully ready to run the country, but the Clintons themselves are now convinced Obama will win the job."

"This is what it's like to have a great president," Obama said.

"He always respects his audience," Obama said of Bill Clinton, in an interview with ABC's Chris Cuomo, airing on "Good Morning America" Thursday.

Advice from the big guy (who knows a thing or two about closing): "Don't change the subject, don't let people forget what it's about," the former president told Cuomo. "Don't let them grow complacent because momentarily, the price of oil dropped, or because we haven't had a full economic collapse. Remind that people are still in trouble. . . . Keep it on that."

On what it took to get him on the trail: "Well, Hillary's my first choice, but we always said -- I said in the first caucus states, that if she didn't win, and he did, that I would support him."

(Did Biden make a mistake with his line about the world looking to "test" Obama? "I don't know. I think that -- look, Sen. Biden -- one of the reasons that he's going to be a good vice president is that he's candid sometimes to a fault. But I was tested.")

Taking care of this, at last: "Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton are moving from a cold war to a cool peace," George Stephanopoulos reports. "Obama has been praising the Clinton record more and more in his speeches, something he hasn't done before. He has also been reaching out to Clinton privately more and more, sources tell ABC News. Obama called Clinton a couple of times during the financial crisis and consulted with him after President George W. Bush announced that he would have the foreign leaders come to deal with the financial crisis after the election."

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