The Note's Must-Reads


"Whoopi: Obama's In-Law Is a 'Fly Granny'" LINK

"The Mac Is Back" LINK


ABC News' Commentary by Sam Donaldson: "Commentary: Sam Donaldson on Obama's 'Change' Potential" LINK

ABC News' Jay Shaylor: "VA Gov. Tim Kaine Won't Leave His Post to Serve in Obama Administration" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "The Bishops' Statement on Obama: Freedom of Choice Act Would Be 'An Evil Law'" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Obama Transition Team Taps Clinton Alumni to Prepare for Transfer of Power" LINK

ABC News' Kate Barrett: "Inauguration Vacation: The Rush Begins" LINK

Associated Press' Beth J. Harpaz: "Trace Obama's Roots from Kenya to Chicago" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler and Jonathan Weisman: "Obama Team Sheds Light on New Administration" LINK

The Hill's Manu Raju: "Bayh: Lieberman Should Apologize, Keep Chairmanship" LINK

The Hill's Jackie Kucinich and Susan Crabtree: "Lungren May Challenge Boehner for Top Spot" LINK

The Hill's Manu Raju: "Stevens Trailing in Senate Race" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Janet Hook, Noam N. Levey and Peter Nicholas: "Congress Isn't Waiting For Obama" LINK

The New York Daily News' Kenneth R. Bazinet and Michael Mcauliff: "World Leaders Want President-Elect Obama, Not His Aides" LINK

The New York Daily News' Michael Saul: "Poll: Americans Believe Economy Will Improve Under Barack Obama's Presidency" LINK

Newsweek Magazine's Thomas F. Cooley and Lee Ohanian: "Obamanomics: To fix the economy, the president-elect should takes his cues from history" LINK

The Washington Times' Tom LoBianco and S.A. Miller: "No Gore in any 'climate czar' post" LINK

The Washington Times' Jon Ward: "Obama picks team for economic summit" LINK

The New York Times' Jackie Calmes: "For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All - A questionnaire being sent to those seeking high-ranking posts in the Obama administration may be the most extensive — some say invasive — application ever." LINK

The New York Times' Monica Davey: "Political Memo: As He Picks Obama Successor, All Eyes on Governor" LINK

The New York Times' David D. Kirkpatrick: "'Clinton Officials to Lead 3 Departments' Transition" LINK

The Washington Post's Anne E. Kornblut and Michael Abramowitz: "Officials Guiding the Process Are Named" LINK

The Washington Post's Carrie Johnson: "Obama Team Faces Major Task in Justice Dept. Overhaul - Goal Is to Restore Confidence in Law Enforcement Actions" LINK

The Washington Post's Alec MacGillis and Juliet Eilperin: "Experts Volunteer Policy Guidance - Think Tank, Green Coalition Issue Reports" LINK

The Washington Post's Thomas Erdbrink: "Facing Obama, Iran Suddenly Hedges on Talks" LINK

The Washington Post's Kevin Sullivan: "Europeans Foresee Their Own Obama Emerging One Day" LINK

The Washington Post's Emily Wax: "In India, a World of Hurt over a Perceived Obama Slight" LINK

The Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel: "Axelrod mulls huge pay cut, opening books" LINK

The Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel and Lisa Lerer: "Obama taps techies to scour bureaucracy" LINK


USA Today's John Fritze: "Governors brainstorm GOP comeback" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Cooper: "Republican Governors Take a Hard Look At How To Rebuild Party After Big Losses" LINK

The Washington Times' Lowman Henry: "Thinning the GOP's herd" LINK

2008: ECONOMY:

ABC News' Betsy Stark: "Paulson Redefines Scope of $700 Billion Plan" LINK

Associated Press' Martin Crutsinger: "Congress Examines $700 Billion Rescue Program" LINK

Associated Press' Ben Feller: "Bush to Warn of Protectionism at Economic Summit" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Deborah Solomon: "Bailout's Next Phase: Consumers" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Greg Hitt and John D. Mckinnon in Washington and Matthew Dolan in Detroit: "Bailout Turns On Auto Makers' Viability" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Michael A. Hiltzik: "Paulson's Toxic-Loan Plan Never Got Started" LINK

Time Magazine's Justin Fox: "Is Treasury Secretary Paulson Running Out of Gas?" LINK

2008: JOHN McCAIN:

ABC News' Tahman Bradley and Mark Mooney: "McCain Jokes with Leno in First Appearance Since Loss" LINK

The Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow: "GOP files suit to undo McCain rules" LINK


ABC News' Kate Snow: "Palin Soaks Up Media Spotlight" LINK

The New York Daily News' Celeste Katz: "Sarah Palin Gets Cold Reception in Sunshine State GOP Gathering" LINK

2008: JOE BIDEN:

Associated Press: "Cheney, Biden to meet, discuss handoff" LINK

2008: THE 2012 ELECTION:

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "2012 Watch: Palin' around with Larry King" LINK


ABC News Nightline: "Closing Arguments: Picking Sides on Prop 8" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Jessica Garrison: "Angrier Response To Prop. 8 Steps Up" LINK

ABC News' Dan Harris: "Mormons Targeted for Role Supporting Prop 8" LINK


The Wall Street Journal's Brody Mullins and Alex Roth: "Both Parties Zero In on Georgia Senate-Seat Runoff" LINK

McClatchy Newspapers' Lisa Zagaroli: "'Godless' ad drove support to Elizabeth Dole's opponent" LINK