The Note's Must-Reads



"The Roundtable: Secretary Clinton?" LINK

"Arnold on Reviving the GOP" LINK

"Obama Supporters without a Cause" LINK

"YouTube Prez? Obama's Web Address" LINK


Associated Press' Nedra Pickler: "Obama Staff Combines DC with Chicago" LINK

USA Today's David Jackson: "Obama visits rivals before picking Cabinet" LINK

USA Today's John Fritze: "Obamas dish on '60 Minutes' interview" LINK

USA Today's Mimi Hall: "Opponents brace for end of stem cell ban" LINK

The Boston Globe's Joseph Williams: "Obama lifts ceiling of dreams for black men" LINK

Washington Post's Carol D. Leonnig: "Obama Wrote Federal Staffers about His Goals" LINK

Washington Post's Michael A. Fletcher: "Obama Quits Senate, Names More Staffers" LINK

Washington Post's Michael D. Shear and Philip Rucker: "One Cabinet Job Would Put Focus On Two Clintons" LINK

Washington Post's Sholnn Freeman: "FAA Labor Unions Seek Obama's Help" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Weisman and Laura Meckler: "Ex-Rivals Stand to Gain from Meeting" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Yochi J. Dreazen: "Obama Dips into Think Tank for Talent" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Weisman: "Obama Hires More Clinton White House Veterans" LINK

Bloomberg's Ken Fireman and Hans Nichols: "Gates's Odds of Staying under Obama Rise If Clinton at State" LINK

The Hill's Klaus Marre: "Schwarzenegger ready to help Obama, but not in DC" LINK

The New York Times' Peter Baker and Helene Cooper: "Clinton Vetting Includes Look at Mr. Clinton" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' David G. Savage: "Who Would Obama pick for the Supreme Court?" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' John McCormick: "Obama, on '60 Minutes,' talks About The Challenges Ahead" LINK

Politcos' Victoria Mcgrane: "Obama's Ball as G-20 Punts on Global Market" LINK

Politcos' Ben Smith: "Dept. Of Homeland Security" LINK

New York Daily News' James Gordon Meek: "Barack Obama says Sasha and Malia are among his biggest concerns" LINK

New York Daily News' Celeste Katz: "Barack Obama drops a Hillary Clinton hint on State Department" LINK

New York Daily News' David Saltonstall: "Latinos helped elect Barack Obama and hope he won't forget them" LINK

New York Daily News' David Saltonstall: "Latino voters bolted to Obama in key states after McCain dropped own immigration reform plan" LINK

Newsweek Magazine's Jacob Weisberg: "The Brilliant Brain Trust" LINK

Newsweek Magazine: "A Way Out of the Wilderness" by Karl Rove LINK

Newsweek Magazine's Stuart Taylor Jr.: "Obama's 250 Tough Calls" LINK

Newsweek Magazine's Lisa : "Is Obama the Antichrist?" LINK

Newsweek Magazine's Evan Thomas and Richard Wolffe; "Obama's Lincoln" LINK

Time Magazine's Mark Thompson: "Why Obama Will Continue Star Wars" LINK

Time Magazine's James Carney: "Meeting of the Minds? Why Obama and McCain Need Each Other" LINK

The Washington Times' S.A. Miller: "Voting record clouds Obama's judge picks" LINK

The Washington Times' Jon Ward: "Obama Nixes New Deal" LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times: "Obama's letter to the people of Illinois" by President-Elect Barack Obama LINK

The Associated Press' Michele Salcedo: "Obama Emphasizes Security" LINK

The Associated Press: "Huge demand for Obama inaugural tickets" LINK

The Associated Press: "Obamas won't get puppy before White House move" LINK

The Associated Press' Seth Borenstein: "Obama may have to bury his beloved BlackBerry" LINK

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