The Note's Must-Reads


"Obama Offers AG Position" LINK

"Jake Tapper Unlocks Obama's Cabinet" LINK

"Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship" LINK


Associated Press' Matt Apuzzo and Lara Jakes Jordan: "Holder Is Obama's Top Choice for AG" LINK

ABC News' Matthew Jaffe: "Obama Girls to Visit the White House" LINK

ABC News' Luis Martinez and Jennifer Parker: "Can Obama Catch Osama bin Laden?" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Obama Loves the 90s" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Holder v Bush on War on Terror Tactics" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "A Wrinkle in the Obama-Clinton Negotiations" LINK

USA Today's Mimi Hall: "Intense vetting underway for Obama hires" LINK

The Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni and Jerry Seper: "Obama Eyes Posts For Cleland, Holder" LINK

Newsweek Magazine's Michael Hirsh: "Hillary Rodham Powell? Why Controlling the Clintons Won't be a problem for Obama" LINK

The New York Times' Eric Lichblau and John M. Broder: "Holder Seen as Pick for Justice Post as Obama Begins to Settle on His Team" LINK

The Washington Post's Carrie Johnson: "Eric Holder Said to Be Top Pick for Justice Dept" LINK

The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung: "Naming National Security team Will Be a Priority for Obama" LINK

The Washington Post's Philip Rucker: "A Familiar Precedent For a President-Elect" LINK

The Washington Post's James L. Jones: "National Security Adviser" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Josh Meyer: "Eric Holder is seen as top choice for Obama attorney general" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Monica Langley and John R. Emshwiller: "Bill Clinton In Talks To Smooth Wife's Path To Cabinet" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Evan Perez: "Obama May Pick Holder to Be Attorney General" LINK

Bloomberg's James Rowley and Julianna Goldman: "Holder as Attorney General Would Expand Clinton Aides for Obama" LINK

The New York Daily News' Mike Jaccarino, Carrie Melago And Michael Saul: "Ex-Clinton deputy hailed as 'smart' and 'fair' guy" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Williamson, Melanie Trottman and Stephen Power: "Obama Signals Tougher Regulations at Federal Agencies" LINK

Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla: "Obama Embrace of Wall Street Insiders Points to Politic Reforms" LINK

Bloomberg Commentary by Amity Shlaes "Obama Will Take Us Backward By Channeling Keynes" LINK

The Boston Herald's Op-Ed by Peter Brookes: "Bullied Barack Obama lets guard down" LINK

Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown: "Holder is Obama's top AG choice" LINK

Politico's Glenn Thrush: "Hillary might reject State offer" LINK

Politico's Glenn Thrush and John Bresnahan: "Obama, Reid and the first compromise" LINK

Politico's Patrick O'Connor: "House Dems lose 'den mother' Rahm" LINK

Politico's Patrick O'Connor: "Obama to give DCCC $500,000" LINK

Politico's Eamon Javers: "How Rahm got rich" LINK

Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel: "State: HRC's ticket to debt forgiveness?" LINK

Associated Press' Andrew Taylor: "CBO chief likely pick as budget director" LINK

Associated Press' Deanna Belladini: "No sweat: Obamas work fitness into daily routine" LINK

Associated Press' Jim Abrams: "Obama to usher in major shift in trade policy" LINK


ABC News' Teddy Davis and Arnab Datta: "Biden's Guv Plans Midnight Swearing-in" LINK

2008: ECONOMY:

ABC News' Kirit Radia: "Praying for Relief for Homeowners" LINK

The Washington Post's Carol D. Leonnig and R. Jeffrey Smith: "Senators Urge Bush To Halt Job Shifts" LINK

USA Today's Kelly Whiteside and Thomas O'Toole: "Economy may fuel shorter bowl trips for schools and fans" LINK

USA Today's Elysa Gardner and Jack Gillum: "Economy acting out on Broadway attendance" LINK

USA Today's Anna Bahney: "Home prices down 9% from a year ago" LINK

USA Today's Jim Michaels: "Military recruitment seen rising amid job woes" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Maura Reynolds: "Paulson resists Democrats' call to rescue homeowners" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Jim Puzzanghera and Richard Simon: "CEOs of Big Three automakers plead for federal aid" LINK

The Wall Street Journals' Greg Hitt and Matthew Dolan: "Big Three Plead for Aid" LINK

Bloomberg's John Hughes and Nicholas Johnston: "U.S. Auto Chiefs Renew Aid Plea as Lawmakers Seek Other Options" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Michael R. Crittenden: "Paulson, Bernanke Rebuked on Hill" LINK

The Hill's Silla Brush: "Democrats: It's about the homes, stupid" LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "Ailing automakers plead for $25b in loans" LINK

Boston Globe's Silvia Cernea: "Now more than ever, your credit score can make life tough - or a whole lot easier" LINK

Politico's David Rogers: "Members seek to rescue homeowners" LINK

Associated Press' Alan Fram: "Auto dealers bring local angle to bailout fight" LINK

Associated Press' Julie Hirschfeld Davis: "Big 3 carmakers beg for $25B, warn of catastrophe" LINK


Time Magazine's Jay Newton Small: "Why the Democrats — and Obama — Forgave Lieberman" LINK

The Washington Times' S.A. Miller: "Democrats let Lieberman keep post" LINK

Boston Globe Staff Writers: "Democrats let Lieberman keep key chairmanship" LINK

Associated Press' Mike Gloover: "Could Iowa conservatives undermine GOP in 2012?" LINK


The New York Times' Raymond Hernandez and Michael Luo: "Clinton Said to Be Unsure About Cabinet Job" LINK

The New York Times' Noam N. Levey: "Ted Kennedy asks Hillary Clinton to head Senate healthcare team" LINK

Bloomberg's Jonathan D. Salant: "Clinton May Need to Pay Off Debt Before Accepting Cabinet Post" LINK

2008: JOHN McCAIN:

The Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow and Jon Ward: "Steele chastises 'country club' GOP" LINK

Politico's Amie Parnes: "McCain returns to Senate without fanfare" LINK

Associated Press: "McCain returns to Senate, is welcomed by Kerry" LINK

Associated Press' Laurie Kellman: "McCain to seek 5th Senate term" LINK


The Washington Times' Mark Hyman: "Why they hate her" LINK


ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Z. Byron Wolf: "Senate Democrats Vote: Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship" LINK

ABC News' Political Radar: "Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens Loses Re-election Bid to Mark Begich" LINK

ABC News' John Fritze: "Minnesota to start recount in tight U.S. Senate race" LINK

The New York Times' Michael Falcone: "Begich Gains Decisive Lead over Stevens in Alaska Senate Race" LINK

The New York Times' Michael Falcone: "Coleman, Franken Camps Gear Up for recount in Minnesota" LINK

The Washington Post's Paul Kane: "Ted Steven Loses Battle for Alaska Senate Seat" LINK

The Washington Post's Paul Kane and Shailagh Murray: "Senate Democrats Allow Lieberman to Retain Key Chairmanship" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Mike Dorning, Janey Hook and James Oliphant: "Senate Democrats go easy on Lieberman" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Joel Millman: "Stevens Loses Senate Race in Close Tally" LINK

Bloomberg's Tony Hopfinger: "Stevens Loss to Begich Brings Democrats Near Senatorial Clout" LINK

The Hill's J. Taylor Rushing and Bob Cusack: "Sen. Ted Stevens loses his reelection race" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Naftali Bendavid: "Democrats Keep Sen. Lieberman in the Fold" LINK

The Boston Herald's Editorial Staff: "Joe Lieberman, all's forgiven" LINK

The Hill's Manu Raju: "Obama exerts his power" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Brody Mullins: "Georgia Runoff Exposes Gaps in Finance Law" LINK

The Hill's Alexander Bolton: "Chair fight sparks fear on seniority" LINK

Associated Press' Michael R. Blood: "Ted Stevens Loses Alaska Senate Race" LINK

Associated Press: "Ohio Democrat wins special congressional election" LINK

Associated Press' David Espo: "Clinton bumps up against Senate seniority rules" LINK


The Los Angeles Times' Julian E. Barnes: "U.S. Troops in eastern Afghanistan won't rest for winter" LINK


The Washington Post's David Cho: "A Skeptical Outsider Becomes Bush's 'Wartime General'" LINK


The Washington Post's Christopher Sherman: "Cheney, Gonzales indicted in South Texas county" LINK


The Los Angeles Times' Maura Dolan: "Recall specter hangs over high court as it considers Prop. 8 challenges" LINK