The Note: Courage Mounteth with Occasion

The New York Times' Patrick D. Healy auditions to be the latest Herb Muschamp, exploring the social significance of where the mayoral campaigns in New York City have set up shop. LINK


The trial to determine the fate of the GOP challenge to Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire's election will take place May 26.

Unlike the USA Today ed board -- which yesterday took a swipe at Sandy Berger and his plea deal -- the Wall Street Journal in an editorial uses its anti-Clinton cred to say that it is fine with the outcome (which some conservatives have called a whitewash and a wrist slap).

You can guess what Dick Morris thinks about it: LINK

The New York Post picks up the news about an alleged federal probe into Rev. Al Sharpton's political activities. LINK

More than 70 percent of Kansans voted to ban gay marriage and civil unions -- but now a battles arise over how to amend the state constitution. Stay tuned. In Connecticut, lawmakers say they may have enough votes to pass a bill that would recognize civil unions between same-sex couples. LINK

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