The Note: Mistaking Obstructionism for Progress

The Boston Globe Noted that Finklestein once conducted a poll for Gov. Mitt Romney. LINK

More from the New York Daily News on Stop Hillary Now and the appeal to Republicans saying her bid for the White House is "paved with her lies and distortion." "'This is not merely a race for New York,' state Republican chairman Stephen Minarik writes in the letter. 'It's a race for America.'" LINK

The New York Daily News gives their own opinion on Rudy for President 2008. LINK

Mexico City officials hired Giuliani Partners to reduce crime and they don't seem happy with the results, the New York Sun says. LINK

South Carolinians rallied to raise almost $200,000 at the State's Silver Elephant Dinner Saturday night, where Sen. John Thune delivered the keynote speech. LINK

2008: Democrats:
Former Lieberman aide Dan Gerstein begins a Wall Street Journal editorial with harsh words for Frank Rich and George Lakoff but ends by concluding that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is getting it just right: "But the fact is that Sen. Clinton has been strong and steady in her advocacy for overwhelmed parents ever since coming to Washington. She's been smart, too: She does not demonize cultural producers, overstate the extent of the problem, or let parents off the hook. She frames the culture's influence as a public-health issue as much as a moral one, and cites research showing the potentially harmful effects of screen sex and violence. And she is honest about the limits of that research, which is why she has joined with Sen. Joe Lieberman in introducing a bill to fund more studies of the electronic media's impact on children."

A Rasmussen poll apparently suggests that 49 percent of Americans are ready to put a woman into the Oval Office, per Deb Orin. LINK

Sen. Hillary Clinton went after the Bush Administration and "sounded like a candidate for national office" at the $200,000 fundraiser for the Minnesota Democratic Party on Saturday night. LINK

The St. Paul Pioneer Press called her speech part pep rally, part screed. LINK

She also raised money for herself at a private house party earlier in the day. LINK

Will Leecia Eve, a top aide of Clinton's, run for lieutenant governor next year? LINK

Tricks and intimidation kept many voters from the polls in 2004, Sen. John Kerry said Sunday at an event sponsored by the Massachusetts League of Women Voters, saying that leaflets were handed out telling people to vote on the wrong day, and that people were called and told that they couldn't vote if they had parking tickets. AP Notes, however, that Kerry never disputed the vote count in Ohio, where President Bush won by 118,000 votes. The U.S. should spend as much time promoting democracy at home as it does abroad, Kerry said. LINK

Kerry consultant Jenny Backus told the Boston Herald's Andrew Miga that Kerry's all about helping Democrats win in 2005 and 2006 -- hence his fundraiser for Sen. Clinton in Boston in early May. LINK

In Arkansas last week, Gov. Howard Dean focused on his 50-state strategy, criticized President Bush's fiscal performance, and said Democrats are more in the center than Republicans think. He also said he welcomes "pro-life" Democrats. LINK

On Sunday, the Des Moines Register's Jane Norman looked at the study by the Progressive Policy Institute that Notes the cultural stances that Democrats have failed to capitalize on with voters -- especially those who are married with children, who have misgivings with popular culture. LINK


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