The Note: Totally Machiavellian and Self-Loathing

Sen. John Kerry is targeting Chafee via Internet ads, reports the Boston Herald. LINK

Leader DeLay:

The Washington Post's John Harris -- doing front-page must-read duty -- looks at Scandal Washington, and writes that the old adages about the cover-up being worse than the crime and "get everything out ASAP" aren't necessarily true any more. Given the partisan atmosphere that seems to pervade everything in Washington now, writes Harris, there seems to exist assumptions that serious criticism or all-out abandonment by one's own party is unlikely, so hunkering down and weathering the controversy -- or better yet, going on the offensive over it -- seem reasonable courses of action, even (dare we say) Clintonian. Or maybe DeLay-esque. LINK

USA Today's Kathy Kiely and Jim Drinkard offer a very interesting profile of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay right on the front page, and spell out the career and agenda that hang in the balance in the controversies surrounding him, Noting that for now, the support from his own party and the media offensive on his behalf is keeping him afloat. LINK

Republican leaders are waiting to see if the tides are turning, report the Houston Chronicle's Gebe Martinez and Samantha Levine, as DeLay supporters denounced Rep. Chris Shays and are grumbling about Sen. Santorum. LINK

Roll Call's John Bresnahan previews tomorrow's House ethics committee meeting, and writes that Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV) is continuing his fight to overturn the ethics rules changes adopted this session.


Writes Jeanne Cummings in the Wall Street Journal about the filibuster debate: "There is some squabbling over how many votes Mr. Frist needs to change the rules. Democrats say he needs a super majority of perhaps as much as two-thirds of the Senate; Republicans say a simple majority will suffice."

"For now, though, the point may be moot as several Republicans -- a mix of veterans and moderates -- are resisting a hasty decision, leaving Mr. Frist two or three firm votes shy of his goal."

CORRECTION: Yesterday we erroneously misstated Sen. John McCain's position on eliminating filibusters for judicial nominations. Sen. McCain opposes any action to prohibit them, and he reiterated that position on Sunday's "Face the Nation." We did not mean to cause confusion or consternation, and we regret the error.

Roll Call's Kate Ackley and Paul Kane preview the Thursday morning strategy meeting of 200 lobbyists, two Senate leaders, and 50 congressional and Administration aides, led by House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to better coordinate the Republican legislative agenda.

The Los Angeles Times' Justin Dickerson has details of the bomb scare at the Capitol yesterday and the arrest of the man who dropped two suitcases in front of the west side of the building and asked to speak to President Bush. LINK

More from AP. LINK

Social Security:

AP picks up comments Monday by the NAACP's Julian Bond and Dennis Courtland accusing President Bush of "playing the race card" with Social Security. LINK

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