The Note: Totally Machiavellian and Self-Loathing

From this preliminary meeting, according to several Democrats who planned to attend but who asked not to identified for fear of losing their invitation, will come more concrete proposals down the road for groups, political entities, think tanks, and coordinating bodies.

Some fundraisers have ties to top party officials, although very little time will be spent discussing electoral politics per se.

Note to attendees: e-mail us!!!!


The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg and Patrick D. Healy on Democrats' lament about their mayoral field, from Sheldon Silver to Charles Rangel to Percy Sutton. LINK

"One Democratic strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he has relationships with all of the candidates, said he feared that the party was reverting to its worst instincts by splintering into factions based on race and ethnicity."

Writes the ever-fascinating Jim Dwyer in the New York Times: "A sprawling body of visual evidence, made possible by inexpensive, lightweight cameras in the hands of private citizens, volunteer observers and the police themselves, has shifted the debate over precisely what happened on the streets during the week of the convention." LINK

Roll Call's Erin Billings and Lauren Whittington have basically installed Sen. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) in the governor's mansion and look at the increasingly clear planning (including a $2.5 million fundraiser) of Rep. Bob Menendez to seek his seat.

Schwarzenegger era:

The Los Angeles Times' Dan Morain offers Gov. Schwarzenegger a tutorial on the trickiness of initiatives. LINK


In a Wall Street Journal review, ABC News' Jonathan Karl finds much to enjoy in Don Ritchie's new book about the Washington press corps.


The alleged federal criminal investigation into Rev. Al Sharpton makes the front page of the New York Post. LINK

Jeanne Cummings in the Wall Street Journal has an absolute must-read on Starbucks' growing lobbying effort in Washington, which gives more insight into the process of government affairs than just about anything we've read in a long time.

And it is a must-must read for Clinton alums, what with the star turn role of one Kris Engskov!!!

The Texas House passed a proposed constitutional amendment which would ban same-sex marriage, but leaves room for civil unions. LINK

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