The Note: Blessed Is He Who Expects Nothing . . .

"Obscured by Santorum's unfiltered talk are his political skills. He is, by all accounts, as pure a political strategist as there is in the Senate. 'He is extremely sharp, extremely bright and he understands the nuances of politics intimately,' says senior White House adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove. This includes an encyclopedic grasp of Pennsylvania politics. Santorum was deeply involved in the Bush-Cheney campaign in Pennsylvania. He participated in conference calls, recruited staff, reviewed volunteer numbers and talked regularly to Rove."

Roll Call's Chris Cillizza tracks the travels and fundraising of Republican '08 hopefuls Frist, McCain, Hagel, Brownback, and Allen.

Sen. Hagel heads to New Hampshire for tours of Saint Anselm College, Plymouth State University, Franklin Pierce College and New England College May 2-4. LINK

As Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney begins his 2006 re-election campaign and eyes a possible 2008 Presidential bid, he must also look for a new spokesperson. Shawn Feddeman, who now holds the post is leaving to try out the private sector and Republican aides say a top contender for the spot could be former 2004 Bush campaign spokeswoman Julie Teer. LINK

In the Saturday Globe, Frank Phillips wrote up Romney's criticism of Deval Patrick's tax stance, and provides his upteenth view of where Romney stands vis-a-vis '06 and '08: "Many strategists have speculated that he will not seek a second term, choosing instead to run for the 2008 GOP nomination for president. . . Romney has said he plans to run for governor again, but aides have indicated that he will make a final decision by early fall." LINK

Nina Easton of the Boston Globe explores Sen. Bill Frist's very tough balancing act and gets a scholar of Congress to compare him unfavorably to Lyndon Johnson. Writes Dick Morris in the New York Post: "Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist may have just killed his hopes to be the Republican nominee for president in 2008 -- by coming out against a proposal to bar illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses." LINK

As we said above, Newt Gingrich is in New Hampshire this week as talk of a presidential bid swirl about. LINK

Sen. Brownback's speech in Manch Saturday got primo coverage from the Kansas City Star. LINK

2008 Democrats:

A huge crowd greeted Sen. John Kerry in Austin, TX for a Medicaid event Saturday. Spokesman David Wade says an e-mail to Kerry's list was all that was necessary to turn out his fans LINK

Roll Call's Mark Preston takes an interesting look at Democrats' outreach efforts to religious media.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, but instead of heading over to Georgetown to see it in person, we ended up taking the virtual tour of the Georgetown manse that the John Edwardses have put on the market in preparation for their de-camp to North Carolina. Did we mention the words "spectacular," "tasteful," and "casually elegant"? Not to mention how, no matter how down-to-earth and comfy the playroom is or how much we'd have loved to see the kinds of bedrooms we only fantasized about as kids, we wouldn't have been able to dress properly for an up-close inspection. And what if we broke something? LINK

Take a look, and if you buy it, mention where you saw the listing!!!

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