The Note: I Made It Through the Night

""The White House Press Secretary has an obligation to state truthful and accurate information, and at his Wednesday press briefing Scott McClellan ran afoul of this obligation. His assertions at the press briefing are directly disputed by the Secret Service. McClellan's assertion that a mere 'volunteer' was responsible for forcibly removing my clients from the president's March 21 event misleads the public about the person's actual authority. The Secret Service has confirmed that it was not a mere volunteer, but an official 'host committee staff person.' More egregious, McClellan told White House reporters false information when addressing the staffer's rationale for forcibly removing my clients. McClellan said, "my understanding is a volunteer was concerned that these three individuals were coming to the event solely for the purpose of disrupting it…my understanding is the volunteer was concerned about these individuals, and that's why he asked them to leave."

"McClellan's statement is wrong, and the White House knows it. The Secret Service confirmed, after speaking with the mystery man in question, that the staffer removed my clients solely because of the bumper sticker on their car. This has been reported in the Washington Post and local Denver media, and has been confirmed to us directly."

Free Matt Cooper and Judith Miller:

: The Washington Post's Carol Leonnig reports that Time magazine's Matt Cooper and the New York Times' Judith Miller remain free while they appeal their case to the Supreme Court. LINK

And yesterday's New York Observer reported on some important stuff in the case, including some changes in Cooper's legal team. LINK

Schwarzenegger era:

Robert Salladay of the Los Angeles Times writes that Gov. Schwarzenegger on Wednesday backed away from his demand that the legislature re-draw state legislative and congressional districts by next year. The speculation now is whether this fall's special election on his government overhaul plans will go forth. LINK

George Skelton sees a skid for the Governator, Noting new poll numbers by the Public Policy Institute of California that show his approval rating at 40 percent, and disapproval at 50 percent. Schwarzenegger's fight with teachers' unions, and their ads criticizing him, have had a direct effect, Skelton writes. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas and Jean Merl report that former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, frustrated over his inability to have more control over shaping California's schools policy as state secretary of education, is stepping down on June 30. LINK

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