The Note: Bet the Ranch

What Northeastern politician with New Hampshire, Midwestern, and Western ties, recently told these boffo jokes at a fundraiser attended by Bill Clinton?

The differences between DC and Massachusetts:

In DC, a Code Orange is a heightened state of security. In Massachusetts, it means John Kerry just got out of the tanning booth.

In DC, a 527 is a political organization. In Massachusetts, its the number of registered Republicans.

In DC, Gonzalez and Gutierrez are the two newest cabinet members. In Massachusetts, they are the two newest members of the Red Sox pitching staff.

And, in DC, a negative campaign happens when your opponent puts out a flip-flop ad. In Massachusetts, a negative campaign is when Whitey Bulger puts out a hit on you.

Clue: LINK

2008: Democrats:

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun writes that the David Rosen trial has been delayed for at least a week. LINK

The New York Daily News runs an Associated Press report of Sen. Hillary Clinton's support for some public funding of higher education institutions. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Former President Bill Clinton extended his gratitude on Sunday in the Concord Monitor for the warm, fuzzy feeling that enveloped him while stumping through New Hampshire as a presidential candidate. He intimated that his visits to the Granite State set the tone for the remainder of his election process. LINK


New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) tells the New York Post's Fred Dicker that he doesn't think William Weld will actually make next year's gubernatorial race against Eliot Spitzer. And Note the Bloomberg lack of interest in moving to Albany. LINK

The Associated Press reports Gov. Jim Douglas' (R-VT) weekend announcement that he will not seek retiring Sen. Jim Jeffords' seat and instead seek re-election to the statehouse. LINK

"His decision opens the field to two other possible contenders, Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie and Burlington businessman Richard Tarrant, in the race to succeed Senator Jim Jeffords, an independent. Both men expressed interest after the governor made his announcement."

Christopher Graff of the AP writes despite possibly being the GOP's best chance, it very well may have been the wise decision. LINK

"The political reality, though, was that a Senate bid would consume every minute of Douglas' days and nights between now and November of 2006. And as strong as Douglas appears today, he would enter the race as the underdog, with the tough assignment of tearing down Sanders, who is as popular or more popular than Douglas and is perhaps the one politician in the state who can match Douglas' energy in campaigning."

The Washington Post's John Wagner reports that Rep. Ben Cardin's bid for U.S. Senate in Maryland is getting a boost from Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, who's endorsing him today. LINK

Lee Bandy of The State looks at the Democratic edge in off-year elections. In South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's seat could be challenged by Democratic State Sen. Tommy Moore. LINK

Republicans trying to draw Pennsylvania Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. out on some controversial issues so they can start working on how to pin him in his challenge to Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), Roll Call's Laura Whittington reports.

"Former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne plans to seek the Republican nomination for governor instead of a fourth term in Congress," reports AP. LINK


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