The Note: Learning to Use Irrationality As a Bargaining Tool

"'I thought it was so strange that I got that e-mail,'said Ms. Collins, noting (sic) that as one of a decisive handful of the 55 Republican senators who have not yet taken on a position on the rule change, she was a target of the advertising campaign her party leader had endorsed. Dr. Frist might have sent it only to those senators who had already agreed to support the idea, she said."

Princeton's Frist filibuster gets Times ink and Hardball play. LINK

Big casino budget politics:

The Los Angeles Times' Richard Simon looks at the $82 billion war spending bill the House signed off on yesterday, expected to pass the Senate next week. LINK

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman reports that the budget limits sent to House Appropriations yesterday cut most from federal land conservation and environmental programs. LINK


The Washington Post's Ceci Connolly looks at the data conflicting with the statement by HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt that encouraging seniors to write living wills could reduce Medicare costs. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The New York Times' Michael Cooper writes that the delay at ground zero could seriously jeopardize Gov. Pataki's political legacy. LINK

"The setbacks at the trade center site could further cloud Mr. Pataki's political future, said Kenneth Sherrill, a professor of political science at Hunter College. 'It's certainly going to be very hard for him to project the image of someone who brought us back from the abyss when the project that was done by people he appointed can't pass the scrutiny of the New York City Police Department,' he said."

"'Does it increase his possibility of becoming ambassador to Hungary?' the professor asked. 'Probably.'"

Note the reading by Cooper's source of alleged police memos warning long ago of security concerns.

And if you think Cooper's political memo paints a dark picture, just wait until you read John Podhoretz's commentary in the New York Post. LINK

"George Elmer Pataki is toast. Put a fork in him, because he's done. No politician can survive the sort of calamitous debacle over which Pataki has presided in and around the 16 acres of Ground Zero. No politician should survive it."

Sens. John McCain and Ted Kennedy plan to unveil their bipartisan bill to overhaul the immigration system, setting up "what could be a raucous summer of debate over whether to allow some undocumented foreign workers in the United States to apply for permanent residency," the Arizona Republic reports. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Ian Bishop of the New York Post gets Sen. Clinton to express her opposition to the parental consent bill passed by the House last week aimed at barring people from helping underage girls cross state lines to get an abortion without the consent of her parents and (prematurely) declares an end to the Senator's movement to the political center. LINK

"As Clinton pursues a potential 2008 White House bid, her opposition could have long-term ramifications because the overwhelming majority of Americans support parental notification for underage abortions."

"A top fund-raising official on Senator Clinton's campaign, David Rosen, plans to defend himself against federal felony charges by arguing that he was tricked by two "self-confessed 'con men'" involved in planning an August 2000 fund-raiser," reports the New York Sun. LINK

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