The Note: Questionable Figures

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times' Josh Getlin turned in a blockbuster profile of New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, with descriptions we only wish we could've written. (Ichabod Crane-meets-Dudley Do-Right was great, but the general touring the battlefield poking corpses with bayonets was particularly vivid.) LINK


Randy Archibold did some amusing web sleuthing and found out that the man behind the Web site is "gadfly" John Fisher, "a Hell's Kitchen community advocate and a past critic of Ms. Fields's." LINK

"The man who answered the registry phone number called back from a number that matches a directory listing for Mr. Fisher's home."

"He declined to discuss the Web site unless granted anonymity and, when refused that deal, denied he was behind the Web sites."

Mayor Bloomberg will be a no-show at the upcoming teachers' union candidate forum and Gifford Miller knows the price of milk in Manhattan. It's all here in Michael Saul's Daily News mayoral roundup. LINK

Superscribe Phoebe Eaton provides this week's New York Magazine readers with a profile of Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder who is forcing the 85 year old incumbent Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau back onto the campaign trail in the twilight of his long storied career. LINK

Sunday's Los Angeles Times offered up profiles of Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn and his opponent, Antonio Villarigosa. Hahn Villaraigosa

New Hampshire:

The Manchester Union Leader's Shawne Wickham provided an in-depth look Sunday at how a 2002 Supreme Court ruling is sucking some (NH) district attorneys' wells dry. Requiring that child pornography only be deemed such when it can be established that actual children, rather than simply virtual images, were involved, "there will be cases dropped in New Hampshire because prosecutors, particularly in smaller counties, cannot devote the manpower, time and expertise to tracking down the origin of pornographic images of children." LINK

< Iowa:

With the potential renewal of their own terms around the corner and still halfway down the street, Jane Norman of the Des Moines Register casually reflected on the brief respite taken by Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Tom Harkin from the unavoidable campaign-dollar pursuit. During their respective holidays, Harkin (who belongs to the Senate class of 2008) has donated $4,000 to Sen. Robert Byrd's 2006 campaign -- in the hopes of reinstating the WV Democrat for a NINTH (wow!) term in office -- while Grassley has been wholly ingrained in the Finance Committee's Social Security saga. LINK


Despite her efforts to bring her party caucus back together, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi still faces some Democrats who are frustrated and grumbling that she hasn't done enough, Roll Call's Erin Billings reports.

Jim Drinkard of USA Today looks at how questions about backups for computerized voting machines are confusing efforts by state and local governments to upgrade election equipment. LINK

The Washington Post's Adam Bernstein remembers consummate Washington lawyer Lloyd Cutler. LINK

The Spokane Spokesman-Review's Mike Prager has the latest chapter in the sex scandal involving Spokane Mayor Jim West -- a he-said, she-said argument over what West allegedly said he did in his City Hall office. LINK

West responded to allegations over the weekend. LINK

Spokesman-Review editor Steve Smith will take questions in a live chat at 6:00 pm ET. LINK

On Sunday, the Washington Post's Dan Balz turned in a fantastic analysis of the state of British politics and its lessons for the American system, writing that despite being bruised a bit in last week's election, Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labor Party offer American Democrats a blueprint of success even with a leader who despite abundant political gifts faces increasing opposition, and successfully occupying the center and strengthening the party to a point where the opposition is pushed to the margins. LINK

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