The Note: The New Abnormal

The New York Times' Leslie Eaton is a gal with an eye and penchant for inserting color in her daily stories, such as the fact that the defense is using Noted jury consultant Jo-Ellen Dimitrius. LINK

In order to make Gerstein jealous and the RNC oppo children high five, the New York Post's "Los Angeles"-datelined story ends with this: "In Washington, Hillary Clinton didn't answer when asked about the case. She shrugged and lifted her palms skyward." LINK

2008 Democrats:

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack is at Harvard today talking about innovations in government and the possibility of boosting biotechnology efforts in his state. LINK

Ray Hernandez of the New York Times writes a wire-y story about the former First Lady and the former Speaker chatting in public about serious health care policy. LINK

It makes the Providence Journal, too. And lots of other newspapers. LINK

Note how Gingrich coopted the line Sen. Clinton used when she was promoting her adoption initiative with Rep. DeLay. LINK

USA Today's Andrea Stone has more detail and points out Sen. Clinton's list of bipartisan cooperation with conservative Republicans. LINK

2008: Republicans:

Jennifer Steinhauer Notes in the New York Times that Gov. Pataki, not wanting to wait another moment to fix the serious political damage from the Freedom Tower, will announce in his major speech today that confidante John Cahill will take over (and fix?) the mess. LINK

The Post has it too. LINK . (Inexplicably, the Daily News does not, especially since NY1 News was first to report it last night at 7:00pm ET.)

If Mitt Romney moves into the White House in January, 2009, his odd professional relationship with the New York Times' Pam Belluck, and how it must freak out the Boston Globe reporters, will be part of the narrative.

Today, Ms. Belluck leads thusly: "Hoping to make a recently passed bill on stem cell research more restrictive, Gov. Mitt Romney said Wednesday that he would ask the legislature to amend the bill by changing the definition of when life begins and by excluding a type of embryonic stem cell research that he opposes." LINK

The Globe has the story, but apparently not an interview. LINK

Tom Beaumont looks at Newt Gingrich's sudden prominence in his state. (Will he be equally as prominent when the book goes to soft cover? Probably!) LINK

Here's the lede: "Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in Iowa on Wednesday that he would consider running for president in 2008 if enough people agreed with ideas outlined in his new book, including dramatically tougher border security and immigration policies."


Jeanine Pirro revealed to the New York Post's Fred Dicker (on his must-listen radio show) that she has asked federal prosecutors to look into claims that her husband leaked sensitive information to the Mafia. Pirro called the claims "hogwash." Once again we have to ask, what, if any, effect will this new round of stories about Pirro's husband have on her future political career? LINK

The Houston Chronicle reports that Kay Bailey Hutchinson has a 67% job approval rating in Texas. Some wonder if the Senator could a be a possible challenge in 2006 to current governor Rick Perry, whose numbers have been slipping. LINK

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