The Note: The New Abnormal

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox didn't need to wait for Jane Abraham (or anyone else) to enter the race. He has already decided to back Republican Keith Butler in his campaign to unseat Sen. Stebenow next year, reports The Hill. LINK


The increasingly potent New York Times double byline of Jim Rutenberg and Patrick D. Healy has the mayoral hopefuls (including the incumbent) lusting after the Working Families Party nod, and the lastest on the polling and polling reax. LINK

The New York Post's David Seifman sees the poll almost exclusively through the Diallo lens. LINK

Under the headline, "Mike's hot, Fred's not," Maggie Haberman of the New York Daily News takes a look at the latest Q-poll numbers. LINK

New Hampshire:

John DiStaso contemplates which one of the New Hampshire fellows on Capitol Hill will be held accountable if the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard appears on the Pentagon's to-shut-down list. He introduces several new PACmen (and women): among them, Bruce Keough and Bill Richardson (through the DGA), and he braces for a weekend meeting that could unhinge the Granite State's primary status: "For 15 to 20 minutes on Saturday in Chicago, the state's leadoff Presidential primary will be defended before the Democratic National Committee's primary and caucus system commission." As we always say (and not just to please his publisher), read the whole thing. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

So much for "off the record." The New York Daily News' enterprising Rush and Molloy have the full story of a tough talking Bill Clinton at the Time-Warner Center on Tuesday. LINK

Schwarzenegger era:

Los Angeles Times' dreamboat columnist George Skelton argues that politics is a serious and collaborative business, and simply likening it to the process of writing a script or making a movie doesn't acknowledge the way it works or the stakes involved, and it just isn't enough. LINK


Congratulations to Mike Oreskes, one of the original anchors of "Political Points," the first Internet streaming video daily show about politics ever.

Mike is taking over the Herald Tribune, and, thus, moving to Paris --- which makes us ask, whither Times TV? LINK


With significant bipartisan cooperation all but gone from Washington these days, Republicans and Democrats will join together on Monday May 16 to recognize their former colleague, Charlie Wilson (D-the World). They will remember and praise the bipartisanship that set the stage for the important victory in Afghanistan turning back the Soviet invasion and call for a return to the collegial tradition of days past.

Appropriations Chairman Rep. Jerry Lewis and Ranking Member Rep. David Obey will lead the ceremony, and are expected to be joined by leaders such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, James Baker, former Speaker Tom Foley, Tom Hanks, former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, and many more. (We don't know about Gust Avrakotos . . . He's our favorite character from the book.)

Information on, and pictures of, Charlie Wilson, from the book "Charlie Wilson's War," which is being developed into a film by Tom Hanks, is available at

"Two months after pledging to "rock the system" with sweeping ethics reform, Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday proposed a complete overhaul of Illinois' anything-goes method of financing state political campaigns that would copy federal limits on donations," report the Chicago Tribune's Rick Pearson and Ray Long. LINK

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