The Note: A Bee to a Crying Face

"Latin Lover," blares the New York Post's front page complete with a "photo composite" of Mayor Bloomberg in Mariachi band dress.

Describing the Bloomberg campaign's decision to start its ad blitz in Spanish as a "raid onto the home turf" of Fernando Ferrer, the New York Post's David Seifman writes, "The expectation in the Bloomberg camp, said one insider, is that Ferrer still has a 'very good chance' of coming out on top in the September Democratic primary." LINK

"Ferrer responded to the ads by saying, 'Bad policies are bad policies in any language and Mayor Bloomberg's policies are indefensible no matter how many millions he spends.'"

And the New York Post's Sandra Guzman provides an ad review: LINK

"The courageous mayor's enunciation is so poor that at the end of the ad, when he's making his final appeal for voter support, he sounds like he's asking for más pollo (an extra helping of chicken) instead of su apoyo (your help)."

The New York Daily News' Maggie Haberman pored through the campaign filings and writes up how much each candidate is spending on consultants. LINK

Fourth grade reading scores are up, reports the New York Daily News, and we have a sneaking suspicion Mayor Bloomberg will have something to say about that at his daily Q&A with the press. LINK

Ben Smith of the New York Observer delves a little deeper into the Sharpton/Ferrer relationship. Smith explains that it isn't simply Ferrer's controversial comments over Diallo that has Sharpton questioning his ability to support Ferrer this time around. LINK

Rep. Anthony Weiner's campaign portrays his hiring of Michael Whouley as a "sign of strength." LINK

The Washington Post's Lee Hockstader pens a column looking at the "renegade realism" of self-proclaimed "independent Republican" Virginia state Sen. Russ Potts in his campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. LINK


Ken Bazinet of the New York Daily News got a peek at a Hillary Clinton Hollywood fundraiser slated for June 1. We wonder if the Rosen trial will be over by then. LINK

Chairman/Gov. Dean emphasized the need for Democratic unity at a Maryland rally last night, reports the Washington Post's John Wagner, "[b]ut the likelihood is that Democrats will spend 16 of the remaining 18 months before the November 2006 election skirmishing with one another, in potentially bruising -- and financially costly -- primary fights that Republicans might very well avoid." And Maryland Democrats, which Wagner Notes are already throwing elbows -- particularly in the gubernatorial race -- are less inclined to join hands and form a circle just yet. LINK

Gov. Dean tells the Arizona Republic's Jon Kamman that he thinks Majority Leader DeLay is guilty of committing crimes that could put him in jail, standing by his comments at the Massachusetts Democratic Party convention that DeLay "ought to go back to Houston, where he can serve his jail sentence." LINK

"Sending Sanders to the Senate would make Vermont look even kookier than Howard Dean did. And most Vermonters don't seem to have a problem with that," writes the Manchester Union Leader's editorial board. LINK

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register reports that Rep. Jim Nussle has already started training for the Iowa gubernatorial race and should officially sign up on June 1. LINK

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