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The Note will observe Memorial Day on May 30. We'll return on Tuesday, May 31. To tide yourself until then, read our latest edition below, browse our archives, or get current with our major futures calendar.



An estimated 72 percent of Note readers don't know that the New York Times used to have a weekly news quiz.

It was a sharply written and clever conceived romp around a half fortnight of local, national, and international news, and it was fun as all heck.

As in so many areas when the Times cedes the field, ABC News rushes in and grabs the space (OK: sometimes we don't "rush," but we still get there first . . . )

So, starting today, every Friday, The Note will feature a news quiz aimed squarely at the sensibilities of our readers.

Here's how to evaluate how you do:

0-3 correct answers: You are our mothers.

4-6 correct answers: You are Warren Beatty.

7-8 correct answers: You are a Hill leadership aide who tells their staff (and their Member) to leave them alone from the moment The Note arrives each morning until the reading is done.

9 correct answers: You are Russell Hampton. LINK

10 correct answers: You are Mike Allen.

Answers will appear in Saturday's Note.*

Good luck.

1 What are three things that Scott McClellan would say from the podium these days that "disappoint" him?

2. Why do almost no newspapers today include the fact that Sen. Thune says he will vote against the Bolton nomination (broken by AP and confirmed by ABC News)?

3. If you were going to pick one American city in which to do a focus group on what voters think about the filibuster deal and its aftermath, what would that city be?

4. Who are Mary Lu Carnevale and Zachary Coile?

5. Which Republican leaders will see themselves in the mirror of today's lead Wall Street Journal editorial attacking the (allegedly) do-nothing Congress?

6. What two adjectives best describe how Elisabeth Bumiller will feel about today's Roland Betts quotes in the New York Post?

7. What African nation has a stamp "depicting an imaginary jam session featuring Elvis and a saxophone-toting (Bill) Clinton" that is on display at the Clinton library in Little Rock?

8. To which country did Sen. Daniel Inouye travel this week, causing him to miss the Bolton vote?

9. What strikes you as funny about this Liz Smith item: "Larry King has an all-star VIP lineup to mark his remarkable 20th anniversary. First, Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne . . . the former President George Walker Bush and his Barbara . . . after that former President Bill Clinton . . . then Dan Rather will appear in his first TV interview since he left the CBS anchor chair . . . after that comes Barbara Walters interviewing Larry on his own show! . . . and finally, the attorney Mark Geragos"?

10. What is the definition of a "Googling monkey"?

BONUS: Explain, in an essay, how the FEC ruling against Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Party and the Texas judge's ruling against TRMPAC differ in content, context, and implication, and assess the relative media coverage of the two decisions.

Teeing up for the summer recess and Memorial Day, Washington is relatively quiet this morning.

The Senate depressurizes after one of the toughest, roughest, most interesting weeks in recent memory. Opponents of John Bolton, who now include Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, have more than a week to pick off a few more Senators.

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