Throat Clearing

Nina Easton of the Boston Globe sums up 30 years of Washington parlor game conversations and gives the Washingtonian Magazine due credit for its 1974 look at Felt as a likely Deep Throat candidate. Plus: quotes from 2/5th of the Capital Gang (Hunt and Novak)!!!! LINK

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat leads with the AP story, but uses the opportunity to reprint columnist Chris Coursey's May 2002 opus with Felt suspicions and reminds its readers that Mr. O'Connor is not the first to write of Woodward's 1999 visit to the neighborhood. LINK

Michael Kranish of the Boston Globe profiles Felt's rise to the (near) top of the FBI. LINK

Deep Throat revealed: media:

The New York Times' Kit Seeyle writes that Vanity Fair's fact checkers did not call Woodstein before publication and has other must-read inside-the-newsroom details. LINK

The New York Observer reports John O'Connor was paid a "standard fee" for writing the Vanity Fair exclusive. LINK

The Washington Post's Paul Farhi writes that the Vanity Fair story nearly didn't happen. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' James Rainey writes that the story is a reminder of the importance of anonymous sources. LINK

POTUS speaks: newspaper leads:

Los Angeles Times: "Coming off a string of unexpected setbacks at the hands of Democrats and Republican moderates in Congress, President Bush insisted Tuesday that he would be persistent in pressing his agenda." LINK

Washington Post: "President Bush dismissed yesterday suggestions that his influence is waning less than six months into his second term, blaming partisanship and timidity in Congress for the lack of action on his plans to bring change to the United Nations, restructure Social Security and enact a new energy policy this year." LINK

The New York Times' Dick Stevenson leads with Bush's suggestion that his Administration won't turn over the NSA intercept info at issue in the Bolton confirmation stand-off. LINK

USA Today: "President Bush said Tuesday that he remains optimistic that democracy will take hold in Iraq despite escalating violence there. He said the Iraqi government is "plenty capable" of eventually defeating insurgents and maintaining its own security." LINK

New York Daily News: "President Bush slammed as 'absurd' yesterday a report that called the Guantanamo Bay prison 'the gulag of our times.'" LINK


Writes Douglas Jehl in the New York Times, "The information that the White House has refused to provide to Congress for its review into the nomination of John R. Bolton includes the names of American companies mentioned in intelligence reports on commerce with China and other countries covered by export restrictions, according to government officials who have been briefed on the matter." LINK


Back in his district, Tom DeLay attended a luncheon with 400 supporters who praised the Congressman's work in Washington. Supporters like Houston Mayor Bill White and Texas Gov. Rick Perry sent in videotaped messages. Across the hall from the event critics held a news conference urging a continuing investigation LINK

Meanwhile, MoveOn PAC is targeting seven members of Congress with radio ads to pressure them to turn against Leader DeLay: Reps. Melissa Hart (R-PA), Dave Reichart (R-WA), Chris Chocola (R-IN), Rob Simmons (R-CT), Mike Sodrel (R-IN), Heather Wilson (R-NM) and Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO). In addition, the group is sending constituents to the Members' district offices armed with a "fire DeLay" petition.

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