The Note: June Comes in Like a Lamb



Do we all have the Deep Throat thing out of our systems?

If so, allow us to update you:

Pending, as far as the Gang of 500 is concerned:

Will the highway bill pass? Will the highway bill be vetoed? Will the stem cell bill pass? Will the stem cell bill be vetoed? Will the stem cell bill be filibustered? Will Bolton be filibustered? Will the energy bill pass?

And: What is the next Social Security shoe to drop? Will there be a SCOTUS retirement?

Also: What does the Bush Administration decide to do about North Korea? Will David Sanger approve?

Logjams, as far as America is concerned:

Why do gas, college, and health care cost so much? Why are they doing all that fighting in Washington?

How absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E is the "McGovern-McGovern" byline on today's Boston Globe op-ed page???!!! LINK (Note: we made that one up.)

Has Tom Cruise's zanily effusive behavior single-handedly torpedoed "War of the Worlds" and/or "Mission 3"? Will future 20-something starlets reconsider what measures are required to jump from the B list to the A?

Will Russell Crowe be penitent for abusing the Mercer staffer as well as his phone?

Also: Are Jessica and Nick really on the outs? What will the Michael Jackson jury do and how quickly will they do it? How do I get my iPod settlement from Apple?

In the balance, as far as The Note is concerned:

Do those BSD Democrats who were worried that Howard Dean (a) couldn't raise money; (b) couldn't watch his mouth; (c) couldn't build credibility with the media; (d) couldn't appeal to swing voters; (e) couldn't appeal to Red State voters; and (f) couldn't stop being a distraction -- do those Democrats think this weekend was more of the same or a watershed?

Will Mike Allen's Washington Post story about "the DeLay effect" cause a paradigm shift?

Is the Boston and/or national press corps done with the Romney abortion story, or not? (After today, we mean.) Which (other) 2008 would-bes have met with their advisors to discuss the lessons learned from this? (Beyond, we mean, that running for president "against" the Boston Globe is a bad idea . . . )

Also: Will a regional superprimary enhance, detract, or do nothing to the perceived/real power associated with Iowa and New Hampshire? Will the Democrats be able to win elections in 2006 based on the "reform" principle without putting forth and solid (and legitimate) proposals to "fix the system?" Who is the first 2008 Democrat to put forth a convincing foreign policy narrative?

And: While the Democratic Party tries to expand its field operation to all 50 states, how far ahead of them has Ken Mehlman already taken the Republicans in six short months? What role will 527 groups on both sides play in 2006? Will the FEC regulate blogging?

As we all wait for the answers, President Bush delivers remarks at the opening of the Organization of American States General Assembly at Greater Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL at 11:45 am ET. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice introduces him.

Back in Washington, he speaks at the White House Black Music Month reception on the South Lawn at 5:00 pm ET.

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