The Note: June Comes in Like a Lamb

Of the judicial confirmation compromise, he writes, "is it possible that these victories represent the glimmerings of a blissfully reasonable new era? The front runners for the presidency in both parties, Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton, are essentially Sane sorts. But both will have to navigate the partisan interests, especially the secular and religious extremists, in their respective parties. And both will have to worry about being overtaken by candidates representing their party's version of the Party of Passion."

"In fact, there appears to be a growing market for a moderate version of 'America First' populism, which has been represented in recent presidential elections only by extremists like Pat Buchanan and Dennis Kucinich. The outlines of this product are well known: more restrictive trade and illegal-immigration policies, a 'bring the troops home soonest' foreign policy and a more conservative view of social issues like abortion and gay marriage. The Pew Research Center conducted an extensive survey of the American electorate, dividing voters into nine political types-and while this sort of slicing and dicing is superficial almost by definition, a stunning subtext emerged: the populist proclivities of nearly 70% of the electorate, ranging across the spectrum from 'social conservatives' to 'disadvantaged Democrats.' When Pew asked if it was better for the government to focus on problems at home or be active in the world, the homebodies won 49% to 44%, with a dramatic split according to family income (the wealthier, the worldlier). 'I wouldn't be surprised,' says Carville, 'if the coming word in American politics was neo-isolationism. Somebody in one of these parties is going to run on this platform.'"

Roll Call's "Heard on the Hill" has some of the lineup slated to address the Greater Des Moines Partnership on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

In case you skipped the Saturday Des Moines Register, we point you to this poignant lede from Donnelle Eller and Patt Johnson:

"Younkers department store will close in August after more than 100 years in downtown Des Moines, concluding a downward decline that began decades ago." LINK

"Ordinary" Note readers are assigned to read the whole thing.

John Maxwell and Gordon Fischer are assigned to explain to strategists who want to work on 2008 presidential campaigns what the cosmic significance of this is.

(We are thinking, tentatively, John Edwards in home furnishings, Hillary Clinton in lawn and garden, Chuck Hagel in housewares, George Allen in sporting goods, etc.)

2008: Democrats:

". . . in perhaps a preview of Republican campaign strategy, (Ken) Mehlman called Clinton 'more liberal than 82% of the United States Congress,'" writes the New York Daily News' Derek Rose in his Mehlman on Hillary write up of the RNC Chairman's "Meet the Press" performance. LINK

"'I think the question that people will look to for Sen. Clinton is: Where does she stand on the issues they care about?' Mehlman said."

The Nashua Telegraph reports that Bill Richardson, who is in New Hampshire this week, will be making appearances on Granite State military bases, radio talk shows, and speaking to local organizations, clubs, and colleges. LINK

Former Vice President Al Gore's call to mayors to stop global warming got weekend AP ink. LINK

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