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Check out the Wall Street Journal's editorial on Sen. Sam Brownback's "hold" on OCSE nominee Karen Finley: "More likely, the Senator is angling to impress the GOP's anti-abortion wing, whose support he will want if he decides to run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008. Yes, Ms. Finley is a pro-choice Republican, but she's also one of the party's biggest financial contributors and has backed pro-life candidates, such as President Bush and Bob Dole."

"Last time we checked, it required a coalition to sustain a political majority, and Ms. Finley is being nominated for what is basically a security (not a social policy) post. Republicans don't want to become the mirror image of those Democrats who blocked Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey from speaking at their convention in 1988 because he was pro-life."

"Three branches of a company with nearly $120 million in state contracts gave Gov. Pataki's Virginia-based political action committee $30,000 last Friday, records show," writes The New York Post's Fred Dicker. Pataki's spokesperson denies any quid pro quo. LINK

Al Kamen of the Washington Post reports that Gov. Romney's reportedly got himself quite a nice French accent. LINK

2008: Democrats:

In his Boston Globe op-ed, Robert Kuttner analyzes why he believes Sen. Hillary Clinton will be a polarizing candidate in 2008 if she runs. Clinton's amazing abilities to appeal to a cross section of voters and her fundraiser abilities will make for a strong campaign, but Kuttner worries that she is "irrevocably seen as a pushy woman, but also a wronged woman -- which makes her seem weak at a time when Americans need someone strong." LINK

John DiStaso of the Manchester Union Leader chronicles New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's journey to New Hampshire. The self-described "tax-cutting new progressive Democrat" -- which implies exhibiting a spendthrifty nature while still championing economic advancement programs -- Richardson brushed off inquiries of Chairman/Dr. Dean's recent comments by remarking that we all put our foot in our mouth sometimes. He commended Dean's efforts to build the party from the ground up and theorized that states are a perfect springboard for national policy initiatives. Hoping to energize support for alternative resources, Richardson says would like to see the nation wean itself from dependence on foreign oil. Pushing to have Western primaries tag along closely behind the kick-off states, he denied any interest (in English) of vying for White House residency in a few years, but then in a nod to his heritage -- and to throw off those unfortunate unilingual journalists -- refuted that statement in Spanish. LINK

Richardson voiced disapproval on federal immigration control, saying, "it shows federal immigration policies are not working. It shows Congress has failed to adopt a federal immigration policy." LINK

PoliticsNH quotes Richardson: "I want to be very clear to the media in the back of the room. No I will not run for president in 2008," and then said in Spanish to the Latino Summit audience, "but, yes I am." LINK

At the same summit, he urged Latinos to realize that their vote will be "decisive" in the next election. LINK

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