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"His victory, coupled with Sen. Jon S. Corzine's clinching of the Democratic primary, sets the stage for a potentially exorbitant race between two extremely wealthy men who have already said they will bypass New Jersey's public financing system so they can spend unlimited amounts of their own money."

The Associated Press has the raw numbers for you. LINK

With almost all of the precincts reporting, Forrester garnered 35.7 percent of the vote, compared to Schundler's 31.3 percent.

What is that expression about payback? The New York Post's Seifman and Campanile report Michael Bloomberg's contributions (and those of his associates) to State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and his Albany Republican colleagues may soon be a thing of the past. LINK

This story may well prove to be the inspiration for Mayor Bloomberg's favorite give and take when he next goes before reporters.

The Observer's Ben Smith offers up an excellent West Side stadium post mortem. LINK

The courting of Sheldon Silver by Mayor Michael Bloomberg is exquisitely and painfully detailed by Jennifer Steinhauer in the New York Times. LINK

"The mayor attended the bris of two of Mr. Silver's grandsons, paid a condolence call when the speaker's brother died in August and held news conferences as often as possible in the speaker's Lower Manhattan district."

"In large part, according to interviews with many of the participants in the maneuvering, the project was doomed because Mr. Doctoroff calculated long before Mr. Bloomberg was even in office that the city could build the project while sidestepping lawmakers in Albany and New York."

"As such, according to the administration's critics, Mr. Bloomberg and his aides failed to build a political coalition in Albany early enough to sway crucial lawmakers. It was only last summer that they realized that any one of Albany's three leaders would have veto power over the stadium project, at which point they began to cultivate Mr. Silver and, to a lesser extent, Joseph L. Bruno, the State Senate majority leader. At the same time, the Jets scrambled to gain the support of minority lawmakers and others for the stadium the team would occupy."

No Working Families Party endorsement just yet. LINK


Every lede we read about Rep. Katherine Harris's entrance into the 2006 Senate race contains the requisite appositive about her role in the 2000 recount, which is why Democrats in Washington yesterday seem to have been more excited about her decision than Republicans.

It is certainly true that many Republicans in Washington who profess to know what Mr. Rove wants (although that is often difficult to divine) think he was encouraging her not to run.

The NRSC's statement is bland: "Nelson is extremely vulnerable and this race will attract a lot of attention from many candidates as a result. This seat is a top priority for the NRSC and we'll provide the necessary resources to win."

But beyond those initial impressions, it's certainly true that Republicans in general seem to understand what it takes to win a statewide race in Florida more than Democrats do, that Ms. Harris is not the same person she was five years ago, that she can raise a heck of a lot of money, and that if she gets the nomination and plays her cards correctly, she could prove more formidable a challenger than some in her own party think.

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