The Note: Over the Line

"We will be welcoming Senator Edwards, along with the NH Senate Democrats, for an intimate dinner at our Concord home on Tuesday, June 21. We hope that you can join us."

"This dinner will be a very special opportunity to spend quality time with Senator Edwards and my senate colleagues. We are asking each guest for a minimum contribution of one thousand dollars for the NH Senate Democratic Caucus for us to prepare for the 2006 elections."

"I hope that you can join us for this special occasion. Please let us now soon, as space is limited for this special dinner. Thank you so much for making a difference to New Hampshire."

Ouch. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Hill's Geoff Earle profiles Sen. Chuck Hagel through the potential presidential candidate lens and wonders if there is enough room for two "mavericks" in the campaign for the Republican nomination. LINK

The politics of demographics:

Writes the Los Angeles Times' Solomon Moore, "Latinos now account for one of every seven Americans and will continue to drive overall population growth, posing numerous economic challenges and benefits, according to demographers' analysis Wednesday of preliminary U.S. census estimates." LINK

Haya El Nasser and Lorrie Grant of USA Today take a closer look at the complexities revealed in the latest Census Bureau population estimates. LINK

Among the findings: immigration is creating not only a racial divide, but a generational one as well. LINK


The Washington state Supreme Court will still consider other legal challenges to the 2004 gubernatorial race, reports the Seattle Times' David Postman. LINK

A ruling on the petition to recall Spokane Mayor Jim West has been delayed until next week, reports the Spokesman-Review. LINK

The New York Daily News' DeFrank attended the Gerald Ford tribute/reunion dinner out in California and reports the former president is once again swimming laps and squeezing in a few holes of golf as well. LINK

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