The Note: I Know I Messed It Up Before

"I sincerely hope that the unions forming this coalition outside the AFL-CIO will continue to join -- and help lead -- the rest of the union movement from within the AFL-CIO," Sweeney said in a statement. "Disunity only plays into the hands of workers' worst enemies at a time when working families are already under attack."

"We don't think throwing more money into a political process and ignoring organizing is going to get the job done," Hansen said at a news conference.

Writes Steven Greenhouse in the New York Times, "The five union presidents said the issue was not personalities or Mr. Sweeney, but rather principles to help unions grow. Several union presidents said they would press the Chicago convention to adopt accountability standards, like requiring all member unions to do a specific amount of organizing and to have the capacity, in terms of money and trained organizers, to grow." LINK

Tom Edsall of the Washington Post details the splintering and Notes that Republicans "are watching the split within labor with relish, foreseeing a weakened political adversary." LINK

Nancy Cleeland of the Los Angeles Times writes, "If a split indeed goes forward, the implications for local labor are huge. The dissident unions represent more than half the members of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, including thousands of militant, recently organized immigrant workers. The county federation, a local body of the AFL-CIO, would be financially crushed if it lost dues from those unions." LINK

Jonathan Tasini's take is, as usual, unique, intelligent, and worth reading. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

"Bill Clinton could soon be battling his old nemesis Rush Limbaugh for air supremacy as the ex-president reportedly considers hosting his own radio show," writes John Mainelli of the New York Post in his follow-up to a Business Week report. LINK

"According to Clinton's old Hollywood pal, director Harry Thomason, the former president has talked with radio giant Clear Channel about starting a new show."


Mayor Bloomberg has received some of those taxpayer funded mailings sent by City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, reports the New York Post's David Seifman. LINK

And Note David's description of Steve Sigmund as "quick-thinking." We completely concur.

Stefan Friedman's New York Post campaign column leads with a look at Fernando Ferrer's position(s) on taxpayer-funded stadiums. LINK

The Washington Post's Michael Shear and Chris Jenkins write that now the primary is over and the Kilgore v. Kaine general election matchup has been enjoined, the gloves are off. LINK


Roll Call's Lauren Whittington writes that particularly in the aftermath of his son's defeat in the primary to fill the seat in Ohio's 2nd congressional district, Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) could be move vulnerable to challenge next year because of his role in the compromise over the filibuster.

DCCC Chairman Emanuel boosted the troops with some internal polling numbers that show seven quite vulnerable Republican incumbents, The Hill reports. Carl Forti is included to remind all readers about the dangers of partisan polling. And Note how Rep. Emanuel promises to keep his eagle eye trained on Rep. Cunningham's district. LINK

Thomas Beaumont reports that Democratic Iowa Sen. Mike Gronstal is almost through knotting his laces (and we all should know for sure on Sept. 1 whether they will stay tied) for the state governor's run. LINK

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