The Note: The Last Time a New York Times Poll Write-up Was Positive for Republicans Was . . .

From John Harwood's Washington Wire: "Democrat Sen. Bingaman of New Mexico seeks Republican support for a plan to gradually lower the intensity of carbon-dioxide emissions in proportion to U.S. economic output. Coal-mining unions and some utilities swing behind the idea. A more aggressive regulatory approach from McCain and Connecticut Sen. Lieberman draws fire from business and some environmental groups over incentives for nuclear power, a priority Bush will push at a Maryland event next week. Other environmentalists eye nuclear plants as an alternative to fossil fuels, opening potential for compromise. But Oklahoma Sen. Inhofe may filibuster mandatory reductions."

CongressDaily AM says Leader Frist plans to file cloture as early as next week.

Politics of the judiciary:

From John Harwood's Washington Wire: "Appeals-court judge Wilkinson of Richmond, Va., becomes bigger target of the left for siding with White House over indefinite detention of enemy combatants. Roberts, of the Washington, D.C., appeals court, is seen as tougher for Democrats to challenge. Ex-clerks are somber after recent reunion with Rehnquist, although he said nothing about his plans. Committee for Economic Development says executives don't want to align with social-issue groups in court fight."

Note to Harwood: those Rehnquist clerks are in general a pretty somber bunch.

Politics of Gitmo:

The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman profiles Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), with a lengthy look at the role of agitator that he's taking among his colleagues, including his comments Tuesday comparing the alleged treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay to the behavior of the Nazis and the Soviets -- which he defends -- and his role in shaping the Democrats' strategy in the fight over the filibuster. LINK

"It was Durbin who came up with the Democrats' plan for responding to Frist's proposal to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations, the so-called nuclear option. Originally, Democrats were threatening to largely shut down the Senate."

"But Durbin tried to envision how voters would perceive Democrats if they repeatedly objected to Republican requests on the Senate floor, halting the chamber's legislative business in what might have appeared a fit of pique. 'It wasn't an image we wanted,' he said."

Zuckman also Notes that Sen. John Kerry says he considered picking Durbin as his VP, but was concerned about having two Roman Catholics on the ticket.

John Podhoretz uses his New York Post column to excoriate Durbin. LIN

"Dick Durbin has slandered the American military. He has slandered his country. He has defiled truth and he has spat on reason. He has given aid and comfort to all those who seek to use America's tough stance in the War on Terror as a recruiting tool for anti-Americanism."

We ask (semi-)rhetorically: what if a Republican Senator had said such a thing?


Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times rounds out the day's developments, including Bolton's meeting with Sen. Dodd and the prospects for Monday's vote. LINK

The Congress:

The AP reports that Nancy Reagan may lobby MOCs on stem cells. LINK

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