The Note: The Last Time a New York Times Poll Write-up Was Positive for Republicans Was . . .

Allen talked of taxes, taxes, taxes, on everything from indexing capital gains (he's a yea) to an Internet tax (he's a nay), and of keeping a flatline on the flat tax.

Speaking of yeas and nays, judges deserve 'em, too, and probably could have gotten/may still get them. "As soon as Harry Reid made these threats, we should have called his bluff," quoth Allen.

He suggests that Sen. Durbin isn't doing military morale any great service with recent criticism, but he and Mary Landrieu are hoping their proposal of "tax incentives for private employers" of reservists may -- indirectly -- ease any lingering resentment. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Janet Hook describes the rock and the hard place between which Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist found himself after the release of Terri Schiavo's autopsy results. LINK

(Give the staff credit, though, for keeping their Man on the chosen message!!)

E.J. Dionne says it's time Frist ponied up an apology for his comments on Schiavo's condition in March, regardless of his morning show denials that they was a diagnosis. LINK

Gov. Mitt Romney is endorsing a grass roots effort to ban same sex marriages in Massachusetts. He called past Bay State gay marriage and civil union legislation "muddied" and some say this move is a nod to conservative voters for a possible 2008 presidential run. LINK

Scott Greenberger of the Boston Globe writes about Romney's recent mass mailing to Republican party leaders of 17 states. The mailing is one of many ways Romney is hoping to attract attention to his conservative stance on issues like human cloning and gay marriage. Although Romney hasn't stated whether he will run for president he is certainly laying the ground work for funding and recognition. Romney is also off to California today to speak with GOPers and Romney officials confirm that last week the governor met with Michigan leaders and donors. LINK

Note (as other potential candidates will) the quote out of the Palmetto State about Romney buzz.

(And Note to the Globe: maybe you need to follow your governor a bit more closely when he leaves the commonwealth, so as to not get scooped by Novak!!)

The Los Angeles Times' Elizabeth Mehren Notes Romney's appearance today at the Flag Day dinner of the Republican Party of Orange County, CA. LINK

Romney also gets New York Times ink on the same-sex marriage amendment. LINK


Dan Gearino of the Quad City Times writes that an Iowa Supreme Court judge ruling expected today in a gay divorce case could rile gay rights or anti-gay rights activists. LINK

Jonathan Roos of the Des Moines Register reports: "Gov. Tom Vilsack completed action Thursday on next year's $4.9 billion state budget by approving nearly all of a catch-all spending bill." LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

San Francisco Chronicle scribes Marinucci and Wildermuth explore why Gov. Schwarzenegger is talking more about property taxes than the initiatives to appear on the November 8 ballot. LINK

"Insiders say the no-new-taxes theme illustrates the harsh reality facing Schwarzenegger, who wooed state voters early on by portraying himself as a bipartisan reformer ready to bust up gridlock in Sacramento. His agenda has stalled, his approval ratings are sliding, and his call for a special election has been opposed by almost two-thirds of voters in a state poll."


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