The Note: This Cause of Terror

"There's a better model available, should Dean have the courage to follow it. In the late 1950s, after Adlai Stevenson had lost to President Eisenhower for the second time, DNC Chairman Paul Butler created the Democratic Advisory Council as a policy voice for the party. Its membership included a number of governors, major figures from past Democratic administrations, party leaders and a few members of Congress willing to ignore the objections of the two Texans who then ran Congress, Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson, both of whom distrusted Butler's motives."

2008: Republicans:

Lee Bandy of The State offered up a Sunday story about the latest 2008 poll numbers which show Sen. McCain and Sen. Clinton as the front runners, but some South Carolina Republicans say if McCain were to run he has a lot of in-state work to do. LINK

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register covered Tom Tancredo's journey to Iowa, where the Colorado congressman reiterated his I'll-run-if-I-must (read: "if-no-other-GOP-candidiate-speaks-up-for-tighter-immigration-control") '08 stance. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Howie Kurtz in the Washington Post neatly does a column's worth of reasons why Ed Klein's book has been virtually shut out by most news entities. LINK

The Washington Post's Michael Shear writes that Gov. Mark Warner "gave a speech to the Arizona Heritage Dinner that focused on where national Democrats need to go -- and what kind of person they need to pick -- if they want to recapture the White House and the Congress from Republicans." LINK

"Warner is 'very impressive. He's got all the right stuff,' said Judy Kennedy, the chairwoman of the Maricopa County Democratic Party."

"'He's still a diamond in the rough when it comes to presidential politics,' Kennedy said after listening to Warner's 35-minute speech. 'We loved Hillary. But I think we're realists. I don't know whether she could win the election.'"

(Note question: how do other Post Metro reporters feel about Shear busting the budget on these out-of-state trips? Or is National picking this up?)

Scott Brooks of the Manchester Union Leader reports on Evan Bayh's (not-yet) presidential candidate status as the Senator visits the Granite State. Note the Buckley/Bayh banter too. LINK

Perhaps an editor at the AP insisted on a strong lede or perhaps the AP writer in Colorado had not yet heard Sen. Clinton's 2005 standard stump speech, but we don't see much that is new or newsworthy here. LINK

And here is Sen. Clinton using the Alfred E. Neuman line with the New York Daily News editorial board in April 2005: LINK

In a Sunday Des Moines Register op-ed, Gov. Tom Vilsack explains how, when you build Iowa's economy, the National Governors Association will come. LINK

Virginia Gov./National Governors Association chairman Mark Warner envisions spending some gubernatorial class time on high school enhancement -- so he says in a Des Moines Register op-ed. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

George Skelton lists what he sees as Gov. Schwarzenegger's self-inflicted wounds and urges the Governor to cancel the special election. As good as all that is, you should read this Los Angeles Times piece for the brilliant Todd Harris take on the recent 2006 head-to-head poll numbers. LINK


Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times got Michael Bloomberg to throw on his political pundit hat (not one he often wears in public) while in Singapore. LINK

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